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Twin-screw drying-free exhaust type PET sheet production line

Jwell Machinery APET PETG sheet production line, with single-layer and co-extrusion design. The production line uses a twin-screw vacuum-free drying process. The pet sheet making machine is energy-saving and automatic, and the toughness of the sheet is so good. The pet sheet extrusion line is equipped with a degassing system. The crystallized and dry exhaust-free pet plate device launched by Jwell has the advantages of low energy consumption and high efficiency. Jwell's independent pet sheet line programming operating system ensures user-friendly and easy to operate device types.

The transparency and barrier properties of the PET sheet make it widely used in thermoforming applications. It is widely used in various blister/printing decoration fields, such as toys, stationery products, panels, signs, handicrafts, water treatment, as well as medicine and food packaging containers.

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