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  • Ningbo Jialian, Mr Jiang

    The 75 ultra-high-torque twin screw extruder purchased in February is used to make fully degradable modified PLA particles. After several months of use, the equipment is very stable and highly efficient, and I am very satisfied. We have to order 16 more.

  • TONGKUN, Mr Gu

    We have been cooperating with JWELL for many years, and we have installed new polyester Yarn spinning machine production lines almost every year. JWELL has been committed to technology research and development and is an excellent supplier of yarn spinning machines in China.

  • SIMONA, Mr Hossam

    JWELL machinery china sales always Fast response and excellent handling. JWELL not only our best supplier but also our best partner. JWELL have been one of my favorite representatives from any company I have been work with.

  • Mr. Hoang of Vietnam

    The equipment of Jwell company is of high quality. Despite the time difference, the salesperson and technician who connected with me answered the questions in a timely manner. I am very satisfied with their company's service and will cooperate again if I have the opportunity.

  • Majed Alsarhee, PhD

    The quality of Jwell sheet extrusion equipment is good. It has been purchased for more than a year and there have been no problems, which makes me very relieved.

  • Mr. Meshref Kh.M.Almutairi

    Jwell technicians are very professional and have solved many of my problems. We have established group chat. They have been patiently replying to me, which makes me feel at ease.

  • Mr. Matsumoto Shigeshi of Japan

    Every time I go to jwell, they are all developed, every time they are all build, I suppose they are a handful of top factories in this business around the world, JWELL may offer service products where the people live in.

  • Hideo kurosawa CEO of ACO CO

    JWELL extrusion equipment company great, regardless of quality, efficiency, user-friendly, safe, and so the operation is very good, I think the "Century-old company" they will come true.

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No.118 Shangshang Rd.,Liyang City Jiangsu Province,China
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