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Jwell Machinery Full Electric Blow Molding Machine

Advantage of Full Electric Blow Molding Machine

1.stable quality:

1)Low defective rate

Our machines are equipped with AC servo motors, which enable the machine to have stable positioning and speed, with little change in mechanical operation, so that high-quality products can be formed stably.

2)Incision Stable Quality

The AC servo motor drives the cutter to cut the parison while the machine is raising its head; thus, the parison remains in good shape even after cutting: this gives the mouth (the opening of the plastic bottle) a high precision quality.

3)Little variation in product weight/wall thickness

Our machines are equipped with a stationary molding cycle system. It keeps the parison length the same for each shot, so product weight and wall thickness remain constant in it.

2.improve working environment

1)clean and quiet

These machines are able to form products in a clean and low noise environment without the special oil stains caused by hydraulic systems.

3. Improve productivity and availability

1)Save time in setting up molding conditions/starting up machines

Molding conditions can be set or changed without stopping machine operation. The molding condition of each product is also easy to save or read the saved data; therefore, it greatly shortens the workload required for setting changes.

2)Save molding cycle time

Our machines are driven by AC servo motors. There is no mechanical shock in motion even when running at maximum motion speed in production, therefore, the motion time of our machines is greatly reduced compared to hydraulic machines.

4.Improved economic performance

1)requires little maintenance

Our machines do not require the regular maintenance that hydraulic machines require, such as refilling oil, changing packing or oil seals, so maintenance costs can be significantly reduced.

2)lower electricity bills

The hydraulic press drives the hydraulic pump continuously. Our machines are driven by AC servo motors that only consume electricity when driven. Our machines are able to use 40-60% less electricity than hydraulic presses, so you will see a huge difference in your electricity bill.

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