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Installation Site Selection and Handling of PE Pipe Extrusion Line

Ⅰ. The function of PE pipe extrusion line

Under the development trend of automation in the future, the PE pipe extrusion line industry should consider how to integrate automation technology into the production of PE pipe extrusion lines, so that the production efficiency of enterprises can be greatly improved, and at the same time, the production efficiency of PE pipe extrusion lines can be enhanced. Market competitiveness, break free from the single production model in the past.

Modern people's understanding of the appearance of goods has made PE pipe extrusion line an indispensable PE pipe extrusion line in modern commodity technology. Especially in the era of modern information, the market demand for technology industry is increasing day by day, so It provides sufficient development space for the development of the PE pipe extrusion line industry.

The reform of the PE pipe extrusion line industry is urgent, but no matter how the market changes, the quality of the product must be guaranteed first, because only by ensuring the quality can it better meet the needs of the market.

Because PE pipe extrusion lines are widely used in various fields, to adapt to more and more industry requirements and increase cooperation opportunities with other industries, it is a great test for PE pipe extrusion lines, which must be reformed and innovated.

Ⅱ. Installation site of PE pipe extrusion line

For the installation site of PE pipe extrusion line, please choose a site with ample space, and pay attention to the following matters:

1. There should be no obstacles such as pillars within the moving range of materials and machines.

2. The height of the ceiling should be more than 1000mm higher than the PE pipe extrusion line machine.

3. There should be space for setting up metal mold collection toolboxes.

4. There should be a convenient space for loading and unloading materials, machine maintenance and repair work.

5. There should be space for opening and closing the power cabinet.

6. The PE pipe extrusion line shall not be installed in the machine accessories such as grinders that generate dust, or in places where dust is generated.

7. Keep away from noisy machines such as welding machines, drilling machines, grinding machines, and grinding machines.

8. Please choose a place with warm air without direct sunlight and direct cold wind.

9. Do not set it near the equipment that uses high current, please use the power supply independently.

Ⅲ. Handling of PE pipe extrusion line

1. PE pipe extrusion line factory shop PE pipe extrusion line handling operations, not only may damage the machine, but also very dangerous, please be sure to entrust professionals.

2. Please use transport equipment and wire ropes that can fully bear the weight of the machine.

3. When suspending the PE pipe extrusion line, please use a steel wire rope to suspend the machine body at the lower end of the machine, and gently hoist it while paying attention to the balance.

4. When using a forklift to transport the main body of the machine, attention should be paid to the balance.

5. When lifting or lowering the machine, do not hit the machine.

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