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What is the Use of POE Film?

The use of poe film is as follows:

POE film is a kind of packaging film for the core auxiliary material of photovoltaic modules. In addition, common packaging films include EVA film and EPE film.

Photovoltaic film packaging material integration, between the cover glass/back plate and the intermediate cell, the main function is to protect the solar cell, so that the photovoltaic module will not be affected by external links during operation, prolong the service life of the photovoltaic module, and at the same time, the sunlight can penetrate the adhesive film to reach the surface of the battery sheet to the maximum extent, and improve the power generation efficiency of photovoltaic modules. Therefore, the photovoltaic packaging adhesive film is required to have high light transmittance, anti-ultraviolet heat and yellowing resistance, and good adhesion to glass and backplane. Due to the high requirements for qualified photovoltaic film production, a high-quality film extruder must be selected.

At present, the mainstream photovoltaic packaging materials are EVA film which is produced by the EVA extrusion machine, POE film, and EPE film. The film accounts for about 4-6% of the module cost. The proportion is not high, but it has a significant impact on the service life of the module and the power generation efficiency.

The service life of photovoltaic modules is generally 20-30 years, and it is generally required that the efficiency of the modules should not decay by more than 2.5% in the first year, and the average annual decay should not exceed 0.7% after the second year. Photovoltaic module failures generally include initial failure, mid-term failure, and late failure. Among them, the PID effect, yellowing of the adhesive film, delamination, and battery corrosion caused by water vapor infiltration are directly related to the encapsulation film.

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