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Blow Molding Machine Maintenance Plan

We all know that during the use of blow molding machine, some faults would emerge unavoidably, so knowing some professional blow molding machine maintenance is necessary. As an experienced blow molding machine manufacturer, JWELL will now show you some useful maintenance plans.

Ⅰ. Maintenance plan (daily)

1.Check the moving parts, clean up the sundries immediately, and wipe the straight line navigation at the same time.

2.Check whether the gas, power, water and oil level of gasoline tank are normal. 

3.Check whether there is water in the air compressor and air filter, the water must be discharged if there is water.

4.Check whether there is enough oil in the oil cup of air filter.

5.Check whether the heating ring, heating plate and heating temperature are normal.

6.Check the position of the bush and pin, and avoid biting to lock after switching on.

Ⅱ. Maintenance plan (weekly)

1.Check the hydraulic oil level of the oil tank. If it is insufficient, please add it in time.

2.Check the smooth operation about every part.

3.Clean all limit switches, proximity switches and touch blocks to avoid switch failure.

4.Check whether the oil level of gear box is normal.

5.Clean the perforated plate at the front end of the barrel and replace the filter screen (note: this is an added part, and some models may not be equipped with it).

6.Use the automatic lubrication pump to add lubricating oil at the moving parts once, and at the same time use the gold gun to inject butter at the grease nipple of the slider.

Ⅲ. Maintenance plan (monthly)

1.Check and clean the absorption and return oil filters in the oil tank and the filter at the oil filler.

2.Check whether the lubrication of the rail and ball screw is good and the movement is smooth.

3.Check whether the functions of all control switches and key-press on the system panel and operation panel are normal.

4.Check the cutting knife condition (note: only for continuous extrusion type)

4.1.cold cutting type: check whether the cutting edge of the blade is damaged; whether the locking screw of the blade and prepress plate is loose, and whether the synchronous gear and rack move smoothly. cutting type: check whether the high-voltage wire is worn and whether the holder screw of the blade is loose.

Ⅳ. Maintenance plan (quarterly)

1.Check the tightening of bolts of main components.

2.Check whether the contacts, joints, sockets and switches in the electrical cabinet are loose, and replace them in time if there is any problem.

3.Check whether there is any collision on the linear guide rail surface and whether the effect of the dustproof sheet of the slide block is good.

Ⅴ. maintenance plan (yearly)

1.Check for wear and abnormal sound of linear guide rail and screw mandrel. If there is any problem, please replace it in time.

2.According to the gear oil model on the gear box date plate, replace the gear oil in the gear box, dredge the oil pipes in the gear box, and test the wear condition of the gear for maintenance or replacement.

3.Replace the hydraulic oil, and clean, dredge or replace the oil pipes in the hydraulic station. The hydraulic oil model adopts No.46.



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