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Production Process and Basic Principle of Blow Molding Machine

Blow molding machine uses the wind force blown by the machine to spray out the liquid plastic and attach it to the mold cavity with a certain shape so as to make products. The production process and basic principle of blow molding machine are as follows.

Ⅰ. Production technology of blow molding machine            

1. Plastic parison (extrusion of hollow plastic pipe).

2. Close the flap die on the parison, clamp the die and cut off the parison.

3. Blow the parison to the cold wall of the mold cavity, adjust the opening of the blow molding equipment and maintain a certain pressure during cooling.

4. Open the mold and note the blown parts.

5. Trim the flash to get the finished product.

Ⅱ. Basic Principle of Blow Molding Machine

The automatic air supply ring structure on the jwell blow molding machine equipment adopts double tuyeres, where the air volume of the lower tuyere remains constant, and the circumference of the upper tuyere is segmented into various air ducts. Each segment is composed of an air chamber, valve, motor, etc. The motor's role is pivotal as it drives the valve, adjusting the air duct's opening to modulate the air volume in each channel.

During the operational process, a thickness measuring probe assesses the film's thickness and transmits this data to the system's computer. This computer then aligns the received thickness data against a predetermined average thickness benchmark, engaging in calculations based on the deviation and trend of thickness changes, subsequently orchestrating the motor to maneuver the valve accordingly.

In instances where the film manifests excessive thickness, the motor advances, prompting the tuyere on the machine to constrict. Conversely, should the film register as too thin, the motor retracts, widening the tuyere. This dynamic adjustment facilitates the modification of cooling rates at disparate circumferential points of the air ring, thereby ensuring the film's transverse thickness disparity aligns with set specifications.

In the context of specialized applications or materials, such as those involving high-density polyethylene or the production of robust plastic pallets, hdpe blow moulding machines or plastic pallet machines might employ similar principles but are tailored to suit their specific production needs and material handling characteristics.

Ⅲ. Precautions for buying blow molding machine

The precautions for selecting blow molding machine are divided into three parts: the quality of blow molding machine, case situation and after-sales service. Before selecting blow molding machine, we should first understand the differences in configuration, performance and parameters of different blow molding machine products when selecting equipment. Therefore, we should first understand our own production needs and purchase targeted blow molding machine. For instance, if some blow molding production workshops require a high degree of cleanliness, fully automatic blow moulding machine will be one of the first choices.

1. The quality of blow molding machine

The quality problem of blow molding machine is one of the important reference values. As the blow molding machine industry is gradually known in China, more and more enterprises recognize the role of blow molding machine and engage in the production and manufacturing of related industries.

Check whether the blow molding machine equipment is worn and has potential safety hazards is related to whether there will be serious potential safety hazards when the equipment is put into use, whether the production is smooth and whether the products are defective.

2. Case situation

The case is the main method to show the production technology of blow molding machine. There is technology but no actual case, which can not explain that the blow molding machine can maintain stable operation in the long-term operation process.

3. After-sales service

Blow molding machine equipment is a large-scale industrial production equipment, and its after-sales service is very important. Perfect after-sales service and timely feedback on the equipment problems to the manufacturer for maintenance can reduce equipment damage. The more perfect the after-sales service of the blow molding machine is, the more protection will be provided to our users, which is conducive to future production development.

In addition, when purchasing the blow molding machine from a plastic extrusion china, you should carefully look at the manual, operate according to the manual, strictly check the safety performance and technical performance of the product, pay attention to the appearance of the blow molding machine, and see if there is wear and damage.

When purchasing blow molding machines, you should carefully consider to ensure that you choose a cost-effective and guaranteed blow molding machine.

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