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Pipe Extrusion Machine

JWELL Machinery is designed and developed in a new idea, pipe and profile extrusion line produces PP pipe series, PVC pipeline series, ABS pipeline series, composite pipe series, etc., plastic pipe extrusion machine is high-yield, low energy consumption, good melt homogeneity, and long-term Running stability, modular design is a pipe extruder series, providing convenience, how to save raw materials, improve automation, ensure high output rate, high quality extrusion, and pipe extrusion machine price is very competitive for users, etc. aspects provide the perfect total solution

Types of Pipe Extrusion Machine

  • HDPE Pipe Extrusion Machine
    HDPE Pipe Extrusion Machine
    This hdpe extrusion machine line adopts the most advanced technology of Europe, It is a new research achievement of energy-saving production line, The product line has a good appearance and high cost performance compared to the traditional equipment. The line is higher capacity and lower tons-consumption, more precise extrusion.
  • Twin Screw Pvc Pipe Machine
    Twin Screw Pvc Pipe Machine
    This production line adopts special screw and mould design to make the material form easily with uniform plasticizing, high production speed, stable running, and easy operation. Suitable for pipe extrusion production such as PVC, CPVC, OPVC
  • PP Pipe Extrusion Machine
    PP Pipe Extrusion Machine
    This Jwell self-manufactured production line adopts Europe's advanced technology with the feature of unique structure, leading configuration, high automation, and easy operation. The extruder screw adopts BM high-efficiency type with big output, good plasticizing, nice stability, and excellent reliability, Suitable for PP-R PO, PE-RT, PB, MPP, etc.

Highlights of Pipe Extrusion Machine

  • 1
    Founded in 1978 China's first screw JHL brandHigh extrusion efficiencyLow energy consumptionMelt temperatureExcellent melt uniformitySpecial screw design, fast heating, compared to other same type...
  • 2
    Advanced SIEMENS computer control system achieves integration and closed-loop control of the whole line, easy data analysis (energy consumption display and analysis), remote diagnosis (fast after-sale...
  • 3
    High torque precision reducer and AC frequency conversion or permanent magnet servo motor to ensure the stability and less energy consumption of long-term high extrusion production
  • 4
    Jwell make the pipe molds by herself. For HDPE pipes, with special material mold 40Cr. Beside, we can also provide a complete spare parts service for mold including die pin, die bush, and calibration ...

FAQ about Pipe Extrusion Machine

  • Can JWELL currently produce how big size pipe extrusion lines?

    Jwell plastic extrusion company PE pipe machine from extrusion line can stably extrud out a solid wall pipe of 3 meters, and the bellows can be highly squeezed out of the 1.2-meter diameter double-wall corrugated pipeline.

  • How to identify good or bad performance of PVC pipe?

    (1) First look at the surface finish, as well as whiteness.

    (2) Take the sample and fall, easy to break, is generally high calcium products, of course, if you need to match your requirements, it is ok.

    (3) Use the foot to extrud the side of the pipe, see if it can crack, or the fission elongation is elongated.

    (4) Weatherability, the most straightforward approach is to get a high temperature and high light, look at the surface change rate but too waste time. Mainly see the top 3.

Pipe Extrusion Machine Produce Process

  • 1, mixed drying

    The mixture of the mixed water is to obtain a well-known raw material with the color master material and mix, mix, mix, mix.

    2, plasticizing extrusion

    The raw material is hopped from the hopper to the extrusion line machine, transported, reduced, melted, homogenized, slowly turned from solid particles to high elastic, and then slowly became a viscous fluid (viscosity) And persistently squeeze.

    3, mold forming

    At a suitable temperature, the material extruded from the extruder is based on the filter plate by the rotational motion into a straight movement into the mold. After the spiral separation, the compaction is a tubular blank in the forming section and finally press the mouthoff.

    4, refrigeration molding

    From the mold extruded heat pipe blank in a negative pressure state, according to the type and refrigeration of the vacuum set of vacuum box, it will slowly refrigerate the pipe inside the pipe, and the overall cooling is formed.

    5, cutting

    Under the calculation of the wheel meter, the fixed length cutting of the pipe is completed according to the cutting machine.

    6, stacked packaging

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