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JWELL PE EVOH Insulation Pipe Extrusion Line

The PE EVOH multi-layer pipe production line is specially used to produce PE EVOH Insulation pipes. This type of pipe is mainly made of polyethylene (PE) and EVOH to form a multi-layer structure through a co-extrusion process. It has good gas barrier properties and is widely used in food packaging, medical equipment, chemical industry, etc.

The PE EVOH Insulation pipe production line mainly includes extruders, molds, cooling devices, tractors, cutting machines and other equipment. Its production process mainly includes the following steps:

The PE and EVOH materials re heated and melted separately, and then extruded through co-extruder.

The extruded material is formed into a pipe shape through a die.

The pipe is cooled and solidified by the cooling device.

The pipe is pulled out by a tractor.

Cut the pipe to the required length with a cutting machine.

The advantages of the PE EVOH multi-layer pipe production line mainly include high production efficiency, stable product quality, and simple operation.

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