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"Excellent Quality, Perfect All" is Jwell's quality policy and all staff's working direction.

"Be honest" is the core idea for us to contribute "Century JWELL".

"Cultivate talents by yourself!"  JWELL Machinery takes the road of school-enterprise alliance and trains people out of its own pockets only. JWELL Machinery walks on multiple legs to break the bottleneck of the shortage of talents. In 2009, it cooperated with Suzhou.

In cooperation with the Industrial Technology School in the Industrial Park, 100 students were recruited for the high school entrance examination candidates that year.

System for 3 years of students. More than 95% of the graduates have entered various positions in JWELL Machinery, and many have become the backbone of the enterprise. In addition to "changing recruiting to recruiting students", JWELL Machinery also cultivates various talents by holding professional and technical personnel training courses.

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Tel:+86 188 5120 0063
Add:No.118 Shangshang Rd.,Liyang City Jiangsu Province,China
No.118 Shangshang Rd.,Liyang City Jiangsu Province,China
+86 188 5120 0063