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Sheet Extrusion Line

Sheet extrusion line refers to the production equipment which is used to heat the plastic raw materials (particles) in the plastic extruder, melt them, and then extrude them into sheets through the mould. Plastic sheet produced by equipment and machine in plastic sheet extrusion line is mainly used in blister packaging industry and plastic printing industry. 

Blister packaging industry finished sheet according to the use of different, can be divided into food grade, medical grade, and ordinary grade. Jwell extrusion machinery is the largest sheet extrusion line manufacturer in China since 1978. JWELL,as one of sheet extrusion line suppliers, specializes in PET sheet extrusion line, PLA, PP, PS, PVC, EVA, and other plastic sheet extrusion production lines.

Types of Sheet Extrusion Line

  • PVC Sheet Extrusion Line
    PVC Sheet Extrusion Line
    PVC extruded transparent sheet has the characteristics of flame retardant and self-extinguishing, high quality and low price, high transparency, good surface gloss, few crystal points, small water lines, strong impact resistance, and easy molding. PVC extruder transparent sheet is widely used in various tools and toys. , Electronics, food, medicine, clothing, and other industries blister, folding box, packaging, etc.
  • PP Sheet Extrusion Line
    PP Sheet Extrusion Line
    PP/PS single-layer, co-extrusion two-color, double-side transparent sheets are used in thermoforming and packing industry.PP transparent sheet, dull polish sheet (coarse and fine), two-color sheet, and some other sheets are used in stationery industry.
  • PET Sheet Extrusion Line
    PET Sheet Extrusion Line
    Jwell Company develops the parallel twin screw extrusion line for PET sheet, this line equipped with degassing system, and no need drying and cry stallizingunit. The extrusion line has the properties of low energy comsuption, simple production process, and easy maintenance.
  • PC Sheet Extrusion Line
    PC Sheet Extrusion Line
    Jwell's PC plate production line is mainly divided into the following types: Application scope of PC endurance board: gardens, exotic decorations in entertainment places, and corridors.
  • ABS Sheet Extrusion Line
    ABS Sheet Extrusion Line
    The ABS plate production lines of jwell company are mainly as follows: ABS, HIPS / GPPS refrigerator board. It is mainly used for refrigerator freezer door liner, inner liner, drawer, water tray.
  • Sheet Extrusion Dies
    Sheet Extrusion Dies
    All kinds of high-end plates, sheets, films, and foaming molds independently developed by our company are very suitable for PVC PC, PS, PP, PE, PLA, PET, GPPS, PABS, MMA, and other single-layer and multi-layer co-extrusion of different widths. Sheet or film, etc.

Advantages of Sheet Extrusion Line

  • 1
    Plastic sheet extrusion machine has the advantages of uniform plasticizing. Plastic sheet extrusion line manufacturers and companies' machines and equipment can produce a variety of materials, the price is also relatively cheap.
  • 2
    Plastic sheet extruder is a machine with the advantages of energy saving and high machine efficiency, which can greatly reduce the production cost.
  • 3
    Plastic sheet extrusion machine technology has been quite mature, fully equipped, spare parts procurement convenient, simple operation.

FAQ about Sheet Extrusion Line

  • Which Aspects Can Be Applied to Sheet Extrusion Production Line?

    The plastic sheet produced by sheet extrusion line can be used in packaging, optics, decoration, and other aspects, such as disposable lunch box, fruit and vegetable packaging box, lampshade, light source diffusion board, bulletproof shield, and other different places.

  • What is the Process and Principle of Plastic Sheet Extrusion Molding?

    The extrusion process works like this, Adding granular or powder of solid material in the extruder barrel heating, the viscous flow state, in the case of pressure, machine barrel screw rotation, to transport the material ahead, molten material through the nose mouth mold molding with mouth shape of parison, again to enter after heating device, and then get the corresponding shape. Finally, the piece is cut off for storage and transportation.

Why Choose Jwell Sheet Extrusion Line?

  • Jwell is the largest plastic extrusion machinery manufacturer in China since 1978,In the plastic extrusion industry, JWELL machinery china company has rich technical experience and overseas commissioning experience, and has set up offices and factories in Turkey, Brazil, Vietnam, Thailand, India, and many other overseas countries. The commissioning personnel are all over the world, and the after-sales service is rapid and experienced. 

    For quite some time, we sheet extrusion line manufacturers and suppliers accumulate experience of production and plastic sheet extruder machine adjustment, learning latest technology of plastic extrusion, and guarantee high-quality production under the standard of CE or UL certification, IS09001, and 2008 quality management system certification.JWELL could satisfy the demand of our customers and Jwell Company can be your reliable business partner.

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