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Plastic Recycling Washing Line

With more than 20 years of development and experience, our equipment of plastic recycling washing line has evolved from simplicity to diversity, and we have more than 30 inventions and innovations, and our product structure is increasingly complete. 

Plastic crusher series, single-shaft series, double-shaft shredder series, four-shaft shredder series, single-screw pelletizing machinery, twin-screw pelletizing machinery, and complete recycling equipment for the waste plastic film washing line, waste tire reusing line, waste refrigerator (household appliance) crushing line, and waste circuit board recycling line

  • PET Bottle Recycling Washing Line
    PET Bottle Recycling Washing Line
    The waste plastic bottle recycling cleaning equipment developed by our company is suitable for PET bottles, mineral water bottles, Coke bottles, beverage bottles, etc.
  • Plastic Film Recycling Washing Line
    Plastic Film Recycling Washing Line
    Cleaning recycling production line is mainly used for recycling plastic packaging film, agricultural film, large shaft film PE / PP plastic, PE / PP plastic waste mixed, waste PP woven bag, plastic bag, domestic garbage plastic, waste agricultural film film, etc.
  • Plastic Shredder Crusher Machine
    Plastic Shredder Crusher Machine
    This series of crushers, tear machines are suitable for all industries, all kinds of plastic products, torn, smash recovery, and support customization

Advantages of Plastic Recycling Washing Line

  • 1
    Introduce advanced technology, reasonable structure, high levels of automation, saving labor
  • 2
    intuitive operating interface, one-click operation, high production efficiency
  • 3
    large output, according to specifications, size of different materials, we will design different crushers, shredrs, and knife frame structures to increase production
  • 4
    clean degree, we upgrade the sink and friction cleaning steps, improve material cleanliness, new discharge waste structure, clean up the robot is very simple!

FAQ about Plastic Recycling Washing Line

  • What details do you need to pay attention to in the production of plastic bottles Recycling cleaning equipment?

    Before turning on, you should first open all mechanical trial operation 3-5 min, check if there is a machine to run abnormal,

    2, the pet bottle washing line's production process is used in the production process, pay attention not to let the water turn into the motor, burn the motor, 3, Be sure to shut down when there is no residual bottle on the machine.

  • What is the principle of recovery granulation of PP / PE waste plastic films?

    The surface of the recycled plastic film generally has something such as ink, stains. If you want to granulate, you must clean the ink and stains on the surface of the plastic film. The general process of granulation processing is: crushing, cleaning, rinsing, dehydration, drying.

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