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JWELL Machinery EVA Solar film Extrusion Line

EVA Solar film

In the solar PV module production industry, the most common encapsulation material is EVA film. With the help of a lamination machine, the solar cells are laminated between the Eva solar films in a vacuum under compression.  Once the solar EVA sheets have been laminated, the EVA film plays an important role in preventing humidity from ensuring Solar Panel efficiency. High-quality solar EVA film will definitely prolong the life span of solar panels.

EVA solar film plays an important part in enhancing the durability and performance of solar panels. They enable the solar cells to ‘float’ between the glass and the back sheet, helping to soften shocks and vibrations and protecting the cells and their circuits. The high-performance EVA sheets we supply are subject to rigorous quality testing and verification. Featuring products in a wide range of sizes and types, our portfolio of EVA films is a trusted source for many of the world’s largest photovoltaic module manufacturers.

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