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WPC Profile Extrusion Line

PE / PP Wood Plastics (WPC) is specially processed and treated by polyvinyl chloride resins, polyolefin plastics (straw, cotton stalks, wood powder, rice bran) with PP/PE wood decking profile machine. It is a new type of green environmental ideal material. It has the advantages of not rotting, non-deformed, non-fading, prevent pest, fire, not cracking, and saw, can be plagued, and easy to maintain. 

It not only has natural wood characteristics but also provides by wpc profile extrusion line manufacturers multiple color options as required. It comes from WPC decking profile extrusion and production line is widely used in building rains, trails, steps, foreternal tables, and chairs, flower stands, treat, etc., can also be used in indoor door panels, lines, kitchen cabinets, making trays, and other fields.

WPC Profile Extrusion Line
WPC Profile Extrusion Line
WPC Profile Extrusion Line
wpc extrusion machine
wpc extrusion machine

Description About WPC Profile Extrusion Line/Machine



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SJZ65/132 80/156 72/152



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Wooden pallet packing

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Specifications of WPC Profile Extrusion Line/Machine





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WPC Profile Extrusion Line/Machine Application

WPC Profile Extrusion Line/Machine Application

Plastic wood materials are polymer modification with PE/PP/PVC plastics and wood fibers, formulated with mixed, extruded equipment, and plastic wood materials, the respective advantages of plastic and wood, easy to install.

Plastics and wood can be replaced in many cases.

It is an outdoor decorative material produced by plastic profile extruder with development potential and adapted.

(1) Waterproof, moisture-proof, corrosion resistance in a humid environment, not easy to expand, outdoor weather resistance.

(2) Color personalization, can have wood sensation and wood texture, but also customize different colors and textures as needed.

(3) Strong plasticity, simply realize individualized exterior, can reflect different styles according to design.

(4) High processing performance, nail, flat, sawable, surface paint.

(5) Simple installation, no complicated construction technology, save materials and installation time and fees.

(6) Low loss, can be customized, save material.

(7) maintenance-free, easy to clean, cost-effective, low-cost integrated.

FAQ about WPC Profile Extrusion Line/Machine

What is WPC wood plastic formula? +

PP / PE wood plastic formula is a percentage of 45% to 60% plant fiber, 4% ~ 6% inorganic filler, 25% ~ 35% plastic resin, 2.0% ~ 3.5% lubricant, 0.3 ~ 0.6 % Light stability, 5% ~ 8% plasticizer and 2.0% ~ 6.0% coupling agent.

What is the processing craft of wood plastic products? +

Wood Flooring refers WPC compounding, devolatilization, extrusion-molded articles were completed at various devices, i.e., after some raw materials are well blended formulation, made into wood particles, and then processed into extruded wood-plastic floor.

What type of extruder processing is suitable for wood plastic products? +

Wood plastic product processing technology generally uses a 2-step method, first use parallel twin screw extruded machine, then extruded the finished product with a conical twin-screw extruder.

WPC Profile Extrusion Line/Machine Performance and Advantages

We have 20 years of experience in manufacturing extruder, we have independently developed three main squeeze together, the five co-hosts extrusion technology, making wood-plastic products have superior performance and appearance.

1. The barrel is heated with an aluminum casting ring, and the infrared heating and air cooling system is cooled, and the heat transfer is fast and uniform.

2. Different screws can be selected according to different formulations to achieve the best plasticization effect.

3. The replacement box, the distribution box adopts special bearing, imported oil seal, and gears using high-quality alloy steel, nitriding treatment.

4. Special design of the gearbox, distribution box, reinforced the thrust bearing, high drive torque, long service life.

5. Vacuum molding table adopts special to increase the vortex current cooling system, which is convenient for cooling, and special horizontal tilt controls unique three-position adjustment control, making it easy to operate better.

6. The tractor adopts unique lift technology, up and down track back pressure control, smooth work, large reliability, large traction, automatic cutting, and dust recovery unit.

7. The host auxiliary appliances use imported components to ensure stability and reliability of PP/PE wood decking profile machines under long-term continuous operation.

WPC Profile Extrusion Line/Machine Packing & Shipping

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