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Several common spinning methods of chemical fibers

Melt spinning: the polymer is heated to the appropriate temperature above the melting point to prepare melt, melt through the screw extruder, the metering pump pressure out of the spinneret hole so that it forms a small stream into the air, after condensation and become thin strips.

Fuse spinning: select the appropriate solvent to dissolve the fiber polymer into spinning solution, or first make the polymer into soluble intermediate, and then dissolve it into spinning solution, and then spin.  Viscose, vinylon, acrylic fiber more use this method.  Solution spinning can be divided into wet spinning and dry spinning according to different solidification conditions.

Dry spinning: Preparation of viscous liquid suitable for spinning by dissolving polymers in volatile solvents.  The spinning liquid is pressed out from the spinneret head of the spandex machine to form a filament flow, and the solvent in the filament flow is rapidly evaporated and solidified through the hot air sleeve, and the filament is formed by drawing.  (Chloron, Acrylic, Velon, Vinegar Fiber)

Wet spinning: the fiber polymer is dissolved in the solvent to make the spinning solution, the spinning solution is ejected from the spinneret head, and then it enters the coagulation bath. Due to the diffusion of the solvent in the mucus filament flow and the penetration of the coagulant into the mucus filament flow, the filament flow solidifies into the filament.

Wet spinning is characterized by a large number of holes in spinneret head, but slow spinning speed, which is suitable for spinning short fibers, while dry spinning is suitable for spinning filament.  In general, the dry spinning of the same variety of chemical spinning is more uniform in structure and better in quality than wet spinning.

Several common spinning methods of chemical fibers

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