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PP Blow Moulding Machine

PP blow molding machine is a product formed by a rapidly developing plastic processing method. Use PP plastic to extrude one-time blow molding. During production, the PP plastic is extruded into a tubular plastic parison, which is placed in a mold while it is hot, and compressed air inlet into the plastic parison immediately after the mold is closed to make the plastic shape The blank is inflated and closely adhered to the inner wall of the mold, and after cooling, shaping and demolding, blow molding pallet of various specifications are obtained. At present, the volume of blow-molded volume can reach thousands of liters. The large-scale PP blow molding machine that has been developed and manufactured in China has reached 2000L, and the equipment is controlled by a computer. Therefore, the quality of its products is the best among plastic.

PP Blow Moulding Machine
PP Blow Moulding Machine
PP Blow Moulding Machine
PP Blow Moulding Machine
PP Blow Moulding Machine

Description about PP Blow Molding Machine

Place of originChina
Brand nameJWELL
Model numberPP Material
Minimum order quantity1 SET
Packaging detailsWooden pallet packing
Delivery time90days
Payment termsTT. LC

Specifications of PP Blow Molding Machine

Max product volumeL5001000
Dry cyclePc/h250155
Die head structureAccumulating type
Main screw diametermm100*2120*2
Max plasticizing capacity (PE)kg/h400700
Driving motorKw90*2132*2
Accumulating volumeL4060
Oil pump motor powerKw4055
Clamping forceKN13001800
Space between platenmm950-20001000-2700
Platen size W*Hmm1400*18001900*2300
Max.mould sizemm1200*19201750*2200
Heating power of die headKw5065
Machine dimension L*W*Hm104*8.2*6.514*12*8.5
Machine weightT4570
Total powerKw325460
Note: Informations listed above are for reference only, the production line can be designed by customer’s requirements.

PP Blow Molding Machine Application

PP Blow Molding Machine Application

PP Plastic Blow Molding Machine is suitable for producing different kinds of:

  • Petrochemicals:jerrycan, Lub-oil Containers, drum, fuel tanks

  • Automotive: water tank, Automotive Components, Air Duct, 

  • Dairy Packaging: Wide Mouth Bottle, Slat Bottle, Yogurt, Drinking Bottle, Edible Oil, Food, milk, bottle

  • Cleaning Supplies: Liquid Detergents, Detergent,

  • Toys: Balls, sliders, fence, 

  • Cosmetic: Lotion, Shampoo, 

  • Water Packaging: Bucket, Kettle, 

  • Medical Supplies: hospital bed 

  • Outdoor Supplies: Float Bucket, construction, refrigerator, roadblock,table, chair, Tool Kit

PP Blow Molding Machine Performance and Advantages

The investment is small. One PP blow molding machine is multi-purpose, reducing investment costs, and the mold cost is low, and the investment is small; the PP blow molding products can be greatly improved by improving the structure design and adopting special blow molding methods. The rigidity and strength of the PP blow molding products can be achieved, and the surface of the PP blow molding products can be flat, thereby improving the adaptability and service life of the use environment, and greatly reducing the use cost.

1. Adopts automatic cutting flash mold, saving in labor, and the production efficiency is high.

2. The equipment can adopt the automatic recycle system, achieve full automation of products.

3. The mold can also be designed as a single cavity or a multi-cavity mold accordingly.

4. Servo hydraulic system, accurately control the pressure and flow,low energy consumption.

5. Mold clamping system:  high-precision guide rails are used to ensure platen move quickly. Independent research and development of the oil cylinder, large clamping force, blessing with servo hydraulic system, fast clamping and high precision.

6. Parison Control System: Adopt MOOG III 200 point parison control system, control products weight and thickness perfectly

7. Electronic control system: The PP blow molding machine electrical controlling system uses human-machine interface, all the parameters can be defined on touch screen, for example, the rotating speed, temperature setting, working pressure of hydraulic system and so on.

8. Extrusion system: The screw & barrel use brand Jinhailuo-Chinese first screw since 1978

PP Blow Molding Machine Packing & Shipping

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+86 188 5120 0063