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JWELL EVA POE Solar Film Extrusion Line

JWELL POE / EVA film production line adopts a multi-machine coextrusion single screw extruder, which can be extruded through EVA and Poe layers, which ensures the performance and saves the cost to a great extent. The roller body is embossed on both sides. The cooling part of the EVA / POE film extruder adopts a cooling device and stress relief cooling bed to make the film run smoothly and completely set, and ensure that the shrinkage is less than 3%. The whole EVA / POE film extrusion production line adopts PLC automatic control to realize man-machine interface operation. The eva extrusion production line is equipped with an online quality monitoring system to ensure the product qualification rate. At the same time, the coiler is produced by JWELL machine company, and the configuration requirements can be flexibly adjusted to realize automatic production and save labor costs.

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