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Extrusion Textile

JWELL will take you on a quick journey into the world of extrusion textile. Cotton feels good, comfortable to use, easy to color, rich in patterns, soft and warm, strong water absorption, washable, and low electrostatic induction. It is the material of choice for bedspreads, but it is easy to wrinkle, shrink easily and has poor ductility and acid resistance. Not resistant to alkali and not suitable for long-term solutions at high temperatures above 100°C. If there is a standard for heating cotton textiles, the actual effect will be better if the goods are smoothed with a steam iron every time they are used.

Yarn-dyed cotton is a cotton cloth woven produced by BCF spinning machine with warp yarns and spun yarns of different tones. Dyeing first and then weaving, the dyeing agent has strong water permeability, the color fastness of the yarn-dyed fabric is good, the different-color yarn fabric has a strong layering, the design styles are different, and the bedspreads have striped patterns. It has the characteristics of cotton cloth but generally has a larger shrinkage rate.

The high-count multi-layer jacquard pure knitted fabric made by bicomponent yarn has very high warp yarn density, diverse weaving methods, strong hand feel, durable, nylon fabric has high smoothness, bright colors, and particularly elegant, which is superior to cotton fabrics.

Polyester spinning machine products generally use 65% polyester cloth and 35% cotton polyester cloth. Polyester is divided into two types: plain weave and twill. Plain-weave polyester-cotton fabric has a thin surface, good compressive strength and abrasion resistance, low shrinkage, no deformation of the product appearance, high cost performance, and good durability, but it is not as comfortable as cotton. In addition, polyester cloth is not easy to color, and polyester cloth has a light taste and light color, which is suitable for summer and autumn use. Twill polyester is generally denser than plain cloth, looks dense and firm, and has better surface gloss and feel than plain cloth.

Silk fabric has a beautiful appearance and dazzling brilliance, with pure natural soft lighting and flashing effects, comfortable to wear, high compressive strength, better ductility and water absorption than cotton, but easy to pollute, and its resistance to sunlight is significantly worse than cotton. The cross-sections of chemical fibers are different triangles, and the light refraction changes after some moisture absorption, which is easy to produce water marks and is not easy to remove. When the silk fabric burns, it must be covered with a white towel.

Extrusion Textile

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