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8m Ultra-width Polymer Calendered Geomembrane/Waterproof Sheet Extrusion Line

JWELL company has rich experience and extensive market share in the field of polymer waterproof coil production line. In China, the leading waterproof coil manufacturers basically have production lines of JWELL extrusion Company. We offer CPE/EVA/ECB/PE waterproof coil production line which used for CRCC certification of ministry of Railways. This 8m ultra-width polymer calendered geomembrane/waterproof sheet extrusion line can produce waterproof boards, geome, water storage and drainage boards with different purposes, widths and output. JWELL sheet production line products have many successful cases, with high output, favorable price, simple operation and convenient maintenance.

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No.118 Shangshang Rd.,Liyang City Jiangsu Province,China
+86 188 5120 0063