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JWELL Machinery EVA POE Solar Film Extrusion Machine Extrusion Line

EVA is the abbreviation for ethylene-vinyl acetate. EVA films are a key material used for traditional solar panel lamination. EVA/POE film of eva extrusion machine is used in solar photovoltaic power stations, building glass curtain walls, automobile glass, functional shed film, packaging film, hot-melt adhesive, and other industries. 

PVB/SGP film: is widely used in building sandwich glass, car sandwich glass, bulletproof glass, soundproof glass, etc. With good safety function and prevent the glass from breaking due to the effect of external force and shards spatter injury; With sound insulation, the anti-ultraviolet function can be made of color or high transparent film. 

What are ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) films? In the solar industry, the most common encapsulation is with cross-linkable ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA). With the help of a lamination machine, the cells are laminated between films of EVA in a vacuum, which is under compression. This procedure is conducted under temperatures of up to 150°C. One of the disadvantages of EVA films is that it is not UV-resistant and therefore protective front glass is required for the UV screening. 

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