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JWELL Machinery PVC Plastic profile extrusion


Plastic profiles manufactured using the plastic profile extrusion line have excellent performances such as light weight, corrosion resistance, flame retardancy, good load-bearing performance, strong decoration, and convenient installation.


Wide range of applications:

Applications and construction, electrical appliances, furniture, transportation, civil engineering, water conservancy, daily necessities, etc. Soft profiles are mainly used as gaskets and seals, and hard profiles are mainly used as structural materials.


Product Categories:

According to different material properties, Profiles can be divided into:

1) Soft profiles. Such as sealing strips, hoses, rubber strips, etc. The product can be bent freely;

2) Hard profile. Such as window profiles, industrial assembly parts and other special profiles;

3) Soft and hard co-extruded profiles. It can maintain the hardness of hard profiles and have the performance of soft profiles;

4) Two-color co-extruded profiles. Such as handrail profiles, etc., the profile surface can be customized in different colors according to customer requirements;

5) Foamed profiles. Such as garden fences, foam type profiles, etc. to reduce the weight of profiles and maintain good performance;

6) Other profile products. Customer drawings or samples can be added, and various profiles can be designed according to customer needs.

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