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What is PP FDY Spinning Machine?

PP FDY spinning machine is a kind of making polymer solution or melt into filamentous machine, it is to make the melt into the spinning box through the ben. By the metering pump from the spinning head, cold solidification into wire, and through the passage to still keep cooling and finally winding molding. 

PP FDY spinning machine provided by yarn making machine manufacturers is mainly used for spinning 150D ~ 1400D high strength polypropylene filament, the product is all-orientation draft filament (FDY). Monofilament strength can up to 7.0g/D. Its raw material is polypropylene slice. Polypropylene high strength filament is mainly used in industrial sewing thread, rope, geotextile, ship cable, conveyor belt, fire hose, safety and protection belt nets and other fields. The maintenance of the main parts should be carried out in practice, which is conducive to the normal operation of PP FDY spinning machine and can also prolong the service life of the equipment.

Ⅰ. The main composition of PP FDY spinning machine

ⅰ. Automatic feeding machine

ⅱ. Masterbatch injection machine

ⅲ. Screw extruder same as the extruder of POY spinning machine

ⅳ. Pre-filter (selected by user)

ⅴ. Spinning box and components

ⅵ. Metering pump and transmission

ⅶ. Side blowing, freezing unit and passageway

ⅷ. Draft hot roller

ⅸ. Winding frame and oil tanker loading device

ⅹ. Network device

ⅹⅰ. Automatic winding machine

ⅹⅱ. Electric control system: including screw pressure control cabinet, spinning box temperature control cabinet, drafting temperature control cabinet, drafting frequency conversion cabinet, winding frequency conversion cabinet and conventional electrical control system.

Ⅱ. The main characteristics of PP FDY spinning machine

ⅰ. Monofilament strength is 6.8 ~ 7.5g/d

ⅱ. It can use high frequency hot roller heating so that it with low energy consumption. Its hot roller temperature is uniform

ⅲ. The wind speed of side blow is uniform and stable

ⅳ. PP FDY spinning machine has stable operation, low failure rate, simple operation and convenient maintenance

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