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Plate Extrusion

Plate extruder is one of the screw plastic extruders. The working mechanism of screw plastic extruder is to rely on the pressure and shear force generated by screw rotation, so that the materials can be fully plasticized and evenly mixed, and formed through die; Therefore, sometimes one extruder of plate extrusion line can complete a series of processes such as mixing, plasticization and molding at the same time, so as to carry out continuous production.

Jwell machinery company specializes in providing all kinds of extrusion plate, such as solid thick plate or hollow plate, usually PP, PC hollow grid plate, PP hollow building template, PP, PE thick plate, PVC thick plate, and other plate equipment. The products can be applied to environmental protection, chemical industry, packaging, construction, billboard, and other fields with mature technical level, stable equipment use, high output, low energy consumption Rapid after-sales, and other advantages.

Types of Plate Extrusion

  • Waterproof Sheet Extrusion Line
    Waterproof Sheet Extrusion Line
    Jwell is suitable for the production of a variety of materials, including PVC, TPO, PE, and other waterproof coiled materials; Waterproof coiled materials suitable for various product structure forms, including Homogeneous coiled material (code h): waterproof coiled material without inner reinforcement material or backing material.
  • PP Hollow Sheet Extrusion Line
    PP Hollow Sheet Extrusion Line
    PP hollow lattice board can be used in turnover box, packing box, and other packaging fields because of its light material, high strength, moisture-proof, good environmental protection performance, and secondary processing performance.
  • PE Sheet Extrusion Line
    PE Sheet Extrusion Line
    PE thick plate production line, namely polyethylene (PE) plate, is widely used in chemical industry, electric power, and other industries. It can also replace the traditional steel plate to pave the road. HDPE board can also be used as engineering plastics in machinery, chemical, and other equipment, and is widely used in the manufacture of ice court wallboard.
  • PS Sheet Extrusion Line
    PS Sheet Extrusion Line
    PP, PS blister sheet, and stationery decorative sheet production line: PP and PS sheets are widely used, and can be directly used for the packaging of food and electronic products after Blister molding; All kinds of transparent, two-color, frosted, and three-dimensional stationery pieces. The multi-layer co-extrusion production line can be customized according to customer requirements, and the output ranges from 100-1200kg/h.
  • Die Plates
    Die Plates
    Plastic sheet extrusion die belongs to a molding die, his discharge way is through the extrusion action to achieve. It is a tool used to shape things. This tool is made up of various parts. Different molds are made up of different parts. Mainly through the need to shape the physical state of the material to change the shape of the mold processing.

Advantages of Plate Extrusion

  • 1.Some plate equipment adopts twin-screw extrusion structure
    The building block parallel twin-screw extruder is used. One step process to reduce granulation links. The products can be used in the fields of electronics, luggage, automobile, building materials an...
  • 2.Optimize the screw structure and greatly improve the production capacity
    Jwell company after years of technical research, experiments, by changing the screw structure and other ways, greatly improve the equipment capacity of the sheet extrusion line, so that customers can ...
  • 3.It can be customized according to your own needs
    Jwell has been specialized in producing extrusion machines for more than 20 years. It has its own complete processing system. It has its own processing center for confidential components such as molds...
  • 4.Timeliness and convenience of after-sales service
    Jwell has many years of overseas service experience, factories in Thailand and offices in Turkey, Brazil, India and other countries. With fast service, rich experience and mature technology, jwell can...

FAQ about Plate Extrusion

  • What is the use of breaker plate in extrusion process?

    Prepare raw materials - raw materials into the feeding machine, through the feeding machine into the host hopper - extruder to eat material, through the screw mixing, pressing to plasticize - after the screw out of the plasticized material through the flow channel,Filter impurities or carry out secondary plasticization through metering pump -- after the flow channel, the plasticized and filtered material enters the mold for forming -- after the mold is formed, the raw material enters the three rollers or the shaping table for pressing.Adjust the thickness -- after pressing, it enters the cooling bracket for cooling and shaping -- then it is pulled back by the tractor once or twice -- finally, the finished product after complete cooling enters the cutting part and completes the final cut product according to the actual demand.

  • What are the applications of breaker plate?

    Plate extruders are widely used. Jwell can prepare different equipment for different purposes of customers, such as PP and PE thick plate extruder line, which can be used in chemical industry, food industry, anti-corrosion industry, purification industry, environmental protection equipment production industry, etc. PP and PC hollow lattice plates can be used in packaging boxes, turnover boxes, road noise barriers, etc, PP hollow building formwork can be applied to construction sites and other construction fields. Jwell's plate extrusion machine can fully meet your private customized production line according to your needs!

Design Optimization of Jwell Plate Extrusion

  • Through the technical improvement of screw structure, machine cooling, forming, and other aspects, on the premise of ensuring that the finished products are qualified, the production capacity of the equipment is improved to the greatest extent, and the optimal production capacity is produced on the basis of the same energy consumption.

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