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Solar Floating Blow Molding Machine

Blow Molding Machine Specialist for the floating solar system. JWELL is the machine supplier of World famous floating photovoltaic (FPV) enterprise.

More than 40 years R&D and production experience in plastic blow molding machine china industry. Rich experience in the production, test-running and after-service of Large Accumulating type Blow Molding machines. 

JWELL solar floating blow molding machine, adopts a specially designed high-efficiency screw extrusion system, a storage mold, a servo energy-saving device and an imported PLC control system, and a special model is customized according to the product structure to ensure efficient and stable floating pv system production of the equipment.

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Description about Solar Floating Blow Molding Machine

What is Solar Floating?

Solar Floating, also known as Floating PV or Floatovoltaics is an emerging concept of “Solar on water.” Solar panels are set on top of buoy structures. These are usually installed in water bodies, application scope: 

Coal subsidence

Scenery lake

Small unused water area



Sewage treatment reservoir

Offshore water area

Extremely cold area

Frequent typhoon area

Why floating solar?

Floating PVs are relatively more beneficial than traditional PVs and here is why.

Land resource conservation: Availability on water reservoir, fishpond, mining subsidence area, coastal waters etc.

Water protection: reduce water evaporation, control algae growth

Power generation improvement: good water-cooling effects, 10% more power generation

Convenient O&M: no obstructions, convenient cleaning

Easy installation: short period installation cycle 

Market Advantages: abundant water resource and able for large-scale promotion

Specifications of Solar Floating Blow Molding Machine 

Screw & BarrelJinhailuo brand-first Chinese screw since 1978
Parison Control SystemWe adopt MOOG III 200 point parison control system, it can ensure products weight and thickness perfectly
Pneumatic Control SystemPneumatic circuit just uses special blowing technique, and the pressure and flux of compressed air is even.
The pneumatic valves are Chinese famous brand—Air TAC
Hydraulic Control SystemHydraulic control system uses servo-control technology to control the movements of actuators, so it has advantages as follows: quick response and energy-saving feature.
Electric Control SystemThe electrical controlling system uses human-machine interface, all the parameters can be defined on touch screen, for example,
the rotating speed, temperature setting, working pressure of hydraulic system and so on. It also has alarming function and
emergency-stopping function.
The elements used on electrical controlling system:
1) CHINA famous brand motor
2) ABB inverter
3) SIEMENS PLC and touch screen
4) Schneider contactor

Max product volumeL1000
Dry cyclePc/h155
Die head structure
Accumulating type
Main screw diametermm135
Max plasticizing capacity(PE)kg/h700
Driving motorKW160
Accumulating volumeL45
Oil pump motor powerKW45
Claming forceKN1800
Max space between platenmm1000-2700
Platen size W*Hmm1900*2300
Max moild sizemm1750*2200
Heating power of die headKW65
Machine dimension L*W*HM14*12*8.5
Machine weightT70
Total powerKW315

Applications of Solar Floating Blow Molding Machine

Applications of Solar Floating Blow Molding Machine

JWZ-BM1000 Large Accumulating type Blow Molding Machine is professional used for Floating Products of FPV system, solar floater, floating solar panels, floating photovoltaic system,solar pool floater, floating solar power, floating pv plants, floating pool solar panels, floating photovoltaic system, pv floating, floating solar pv system, floating photovoltaic solar panels, loating PV power station and support projects:

Normally, FPV system contain main floats, walk way floats, main float legs, pins for this solar construction. Main floats used for install solar panels, Walk way floats for people walk on it  for inspect & maintain work. Main float legs are for support the solar pannel. And pins are for link and fasten all floatings altogether into a whold design. 

Solar Floating Blow Molding Machine Features

●Suitable for producing different kinds of solar floater, floating solar panels, Floating photovoltaic system FPV.

●ALL core components are Self-made: 

Screw barrel, die-head, Platen, frame, hydraulic system, etc., all core-compomets are Self-made. We have strict inspection procedures from raw material selection, processing design, heat treatment, etc. To ensure pv floating equipment stability.

●Accumulating type Die head: 

Runner surface plated with hard chromium. Die head is 38CrMoAlA, quenching and tempering HB260-280, hard nitriding depth 0.4-0.5mm, HV850-900

●Optional bottom sealing, product eject,core-pulling movement elements.

●Adopt high output extrusion system,accumulating die head.

●Hydraulic Servo control system.

Solar Floating Blow Molding Machine Video

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