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What Industries Primarily Use Blow Molding Machines?

With the improvement and optimization of blow molding technology, the application of blow molding machines is becoming more and more widespread. Yankang Blow Molding Machine manufacturers will introduce to you what industries blow molding machines are mainly used in and what their uses and purposes are in different industries?

Understanding of blow molding machines

In the early development of blow molding machines, they were mainly used in the packaging industry. They could produce some plastic containers with simple shapes, such as plastic drums, plastic water tanks, plastic bottles, etc. The applications and products produced were relatively single. With the improvement of technology, the products that can be produced are increasing, and the industries in which they can be used are becoming more and more popular. The industries that blow molding machines can be used in include: industrial, food packaging, pharmaceutical industry, transportation, public environmental facilities, chemical industry, etc.

Application of blow molding machines

Blow molding machines are used in industry, further optimizing the previous blow molding processing technology, and can produce multi-layer plastic industrial containers with various shapes and complex structures.

Automatic blow molding machine is used in the food and cosmetics packaging industry. The packaging industry referred to here mainly refers to the food packaging, cosmetics packaging, pharmaceutical packaging, etc. in our daily lives. The packaging products of these industries are mainly small plastic containers produced by blow molding, such as beverage bottles, milk bottles, plastic boxes, various shapes of cosmetic plastic containers, different sizes of medicine bottles, etc.

Blow molding machines are used in the transportation industry to produce various road traffic facilities with various uses and shapes, including collision-resistant buckets, water horses, roadblocks, warning columns, enclosures, pallets, etc.

Blow molding machines are used in public environmental facilities, also known as environmental protection facilities, and can use blow molding machines to produce environmental protection facilities such as mobile toilets and septic tanks.

Blow molding machines are used in the chemical industry. The chemical industry mainly requires containers to contain chemical liquids, such as double-ring barrels, IBC tons of barrels, and are within the scope of production of blow molding machines.

In addition to the above industries that blow molding machines are used in, they can also produce products for use in other fields, such as plastic parts, plastic pipes, plastic films, etc.

What industries blow molding machine mainly used in? The fields that can be used can be said to be many. Of course, it is not only the above industries and products. The technical level of blow molding machines has reached the point where equipment customization can be satisfied. Relevant product blow molding machine production equipment can be customized according to the production needs of products.

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