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Safety Technical Measures for Extruder Line

Pipe extrusion line, plastic extrusion line, wood-plastic extrusion line, composite pipe set extrusion line, pelletizing extrusion line, and so on are examples of extruder lines that can create plastic pipe, plate, sheet, film, and be a part of a shaped material production line.

The core of an extrusion line is the extrusion machine. Common extrusion machines include pvc sheet extrusion machine, parallel twin-screw extrusion machines, SJ series modern single-screw extrusion machines, SJZ series conical twin-screw plastic extrusion machines, and planetary screw extrusion machines, among others.

Ⅰ. Technical safeguards for extruder lines

(1) All individuals involved in the lifting operation must have an induction certificate and complete safety training and education.

(2) Participate in the operation of the personnel lifting program technical briefing and keep a good record before carrying out the equipment lifting.

(3) Before the extruder line equipment is raised, a clear division of labor must be established, and all workers involved in extruder line operations must be aware of their individual responsibilities and tasks.

(4) The Code of Practice for Lifting Construction in Chemical Engineering Construction must be rigorously followed by all staff involved in the lifting operation (HGJ201-83) from extrusion line manufacturers .

(5) At the hoisting construction site, a secured area must be established, which must be manned by special staff and cannot be entered by non-operating employees.

(6) The crane station's base must be solid, then paved with steel plates to increase the bearing area of the legs and assure the crane's stability. Before being allowed into the factory, the crane must be inspected and confirmed.

(7) Before the crane operation, safety checks must be performed to ensure that the crane legs are fully extended and secure, that there are no obstructions in the area, that the crane rigging is in line with the program or procedures, and that the lifting points are right.

(8) To avoid misoperation, extruder line equipment lifting should be controlled by a single command signal.

(9) Before using the rigging for equipment lifting, it should be checked for damage; if there is any damage, it should not be used.

(10) A test lift should be performed prior to raising the apparatus. Before the equipment is officially lifted 0.2m off the ground, a thorough check should be performed to ensure that there are no difficulties.

(11) In a gale of level 5 or higher, hoisting equipment is completely prohibited.

(12) Pre-construction medical examinations of the extrusion machine are required of aerial workers.

(13) Aerial work must be hanged with a safety belt, which must be secured in a secure and dependable location and hung high and low. People and vehicles are not permitted to stay or pass in the crane counterweight rotation range, the lower portion of the bar and lifting objects, or near the force rigging during the hoisting operation.

The extruder line is mostly used to make PVC, PC, PE, and other types of plastic profile products. Such as the pp pipe extrusion machine, a single screw plastic extrusion machine, a vacuum shaping table, a haul-off machine, an automatic cutting saw, and a material rack make up the extruder line.

The extruder line, which is equipped with numerous molds, can create a variety of plastic profiles, door and window profiles, container seals, sheets, bars, and ceilings, among other things. The extruder line is distinguished by its straightforward manufacturing method, high output, consistent quality, and low cost.

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