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Extrusion Machinery

The core unit of plastic extrusion production line is extrusion machinery. The core unit of the plastic extrusion line is extruder machinery. It consists of an extrusion system, a transmission system, and a heating cooling system. According to the material processed, the extruder is divided into many kinds, according to the number of screws, can be divided into Single screw extruder, twin screw extruder, multi-screw extruder.

The core components of the extruder are screws, and the screw is generally divided into three sections in the effective length, and the screw diameter screw-shaped spacing is determined to determine the three-stage effective length, each segment accounts for one-third of the total length. Transfer section: The material is not plasticized here but preheating, compressed, in the past, the old extrusion is considered to be a loose body, and later proven that the movement of the material is similar to the solid piston, so as long as the delivery, Therefore, as long as the delivery task is its function.

The second section is called the compression section, and the volume of the spiral volume is large, and the temperature is to achieve the degree of plasticization, and the compression is generated by the conveying section, which is compressed here, the compression ratio of the screw - 3: 1, some machines could change, complete the plastics material into the third paragraph.

The third paragraph is the metering section, which is maintained at the plasticization temperature, just as accurate, quantitatively transmitting the melt material as the metering pump, At this time, the temperature cannot be lower than the plasticization temperature, which is generally slightly high.

Extrusion Machinery Extrusion Machinery

work process:

The plastic material enters the extruder from the hopper, which is transported forward, and the material is moved forward, and the material is heated, the shear and compression of the screw bring the material melt.In the case of pressurization, the material in which the viscous state is flowed through a mold having a certain shape, and then the similar shape is formed according to the sample of the mold. Follow the cooling of the cooling, forming a glass, to get the required product.

Extrusion Machinery

Counter conical Twin-screw extruder


Counter parallel Twin-screw extruder


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