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Tips for Maintaining Plastic Extrusion Equipment in Winter

The winter of 2021 has arrived, and the extruder equipment of many northern customers will be suspended for a long time. Jwell warmly reminds all users to pay attention to the preparations for taking a break before the holiday, and to maintain and maintain the extrusion equipment to ensure that the equipment can continue to maintain a good operating condition in the new year.


Ⅰ. Maintenance of extrusion equipment

The specific measures are as follows:

1. Comprehensively clean the dust on the electrical components inside the electric control box, focusing on cleaning the inverter, governor and PLC. You can use compressed air to blow air inside the components, but there must be no moisture. Tighten loose cables and wire joints; check cable insulation, and replace aging or poor contact components in time.

2. Record each rated parameter on the computer screen, and check it before starting the next time. If it is found to be different, please input it according to the recorded data.

3. Check the front and rear grease nipples of the main motor, replace and add grease, and check whether the plum blossom pads of the coupling are damaged. Check the reduction box for abnormal noise, and do a good job of filling and replacing the gear oil in the reduction box. Open the gear box, carefully clean the moving parts and box, clean the bearings; replace the lubricating oil;

4. Clean up the waterway of the main engine and empty the accumulated water in the water inlet and outlet systems to prevent the pipeline from bursting in the cold winter.

5. Check the waterway cleaning of the cooling copper tube in the mold core. Drain the water in the water pump, vacuum pump, and all filters to prevent the pump blades from rusting and freezing. After shutdown, clean up the material between the die mandrels, and the feeding port should be coated with anti-rust oil and sealed with wrapping film.

6. Check whether the moving parts of each equipment in extrusion production line are adequately lubricated, especially the frequently-running screw, roller, bearing, guide post and other parts. The staff should take measures to prevent the moving parts from being stuck due to too low temperature, thus affecting the normal production. For bearings, cardan shafts, etc., it is necessary to add grease regularly.

7. Check and proofread the instruments that display pressure, current, voltage, meter meter, etc.; check the heating condition of each heating element, and replace the damaged heating and sensing elements.

8. Evacuate the material inside the screw before shutting down to prevent the material from flowing back when the machine is turned on next time. Take out the screw and brush oil on the screw barrel to prevent rust and corrosion. Disassemble and clean the screw, barrel and head according to the situation; measure the outer diameter of the screw; check the inner wall of the barrel and the die for wear and scars. Grind and trim the local scratches and burrs on the working surface until it is smooth and does not hang.

9. Before the next boot, please use a multimeter to measure whether there is a short circuit between the three-phase lines and the three-phase line to the ground to prevent the mouse from biting the wire and causing a short circuit.

10. All sprocket chains are filled with lubricating oil, and all exposed rust-prone parts are treated with anti-rust treatment.


Ⅱ. The maintenance period of extrusion equipment

The specific maintenance period is as follows:

1. The gearbox oil should be changed every 4000-5000 hours of operation, at least once a year;

2. Bearings, cardan shafts, etc. need to be regularly added with grease;

3. The rubber pad at the coupling should be checked for concentricity and wear every three months;

4. The oil filter element of the hydraulic system needs to be replaced once every six months, and the pressure of the energy storage tank needs to be checked regularly;

5. Regularly clean the condenser and scale of the water roller temperature system, the recommended cycle is once every six months;

6. If the roller and cooling roller are not used for a long time, they should be coated with anti-rust oil and wrapped with cotton cloth.

7. The traction rubber roller should be cleaned regularly with non-oily lotion, and anti-aging treatment should be done if it is not used for a long time;

8. Regularly check the components of the electric cabinet, and replace the aging or poor contact components in time;

9. Longer downtime during year-end holidays. Before turning off the machine, clean up the water-passing equipment and drain the water to prevent the equipment from being frozen (cracked).


Ⅲ. Specific preventive measures for drainage to prevent freezing

Before the holiday, the following parts must be well drained and antifreeze measures:




Ⅳ. Prepare spare parts for wearing parts in advance

After the extruder equipment such as PS Sheet Extrusion Line is put into operation, after a long period of operation, spare parts for wearing parts should be prepared in advance, spare parts planning should be made, and procurement should be arranged in advance.

1. Heating ring for barrel and die.

2. Thermocouple.

3. Coupling plum blossom pad.

4. Gearbox sealing ring.

5. Main motor brushes.

6. Main motor bearing.

7. All ball bearings of thrust bearing and reduction box.

8. Reducer gear or gear shaft.

9. Pulley or coupling on the motor shaft.

10. Temperature control table.


Thank you again for your trust and support to JWELL Extrusion Machinery Co., Ltd. If you have any questions, you can call the professional general manager of jwell machine company at any time, and JWELL will provide all-round help and cooperation to assist you in your work.

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