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JWELL Solar Floating Blow Molding Machine for Sale

SUZHOU JWELL PLASTIC MACHINERY CO.,LTD. which locates in the west of shanghai, is a company that specialized in designing and manufacturing blow-molding machine and vacuum forming production line. Since it founded, depending on the advantages of SHANGHAI JWELL MACHINERY CO,.LTD, it is developing so rapidly. Now our blow molding machine factory products including:Blow-molding machine, vacuum forming production line and so on.

JWZ-BM series blow-molding machine are suitable for large-scale production of milk-bottle, drink-bottle, water-bottle, hot–filling bottle, medical containers, container used for cosmetic, spices, pesticides, lubricants and computer suppliers, it is also applicable for making small plastic toys.

In order to improve the efficiency, short the time that used for bottle forming, we equip with post-cooling device, so the products have good quality. According to the requirement of the customer, we can equip with other downstream equipment, so that the line can convey the finished products and trim waste-margin automatically.

●Suitable for producing different kinds of floating solar panels .

●Optional bottom sealing,product eject,core-pulling movement elements.

●Adopt high output extrusion system,accumulating die head.

●Hydraulic Servo control system.

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