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JWELL Machinery Corrugated Pipe Machine

JWELL Corrugated Pipe Machine Extrusion Line

Corrugated pipe has good performance to bear the cement. The pipe adopt special inner layer, smoothly, easy to clear, less resistance, sound-proof, insulation

What is the difference between the double wall bellows and a single wall bellows?

Single wall pipe: the inner surface of the single-wall pipe, the outer surface is corrugated, and its bendability, the flexibility is excellent, but the fluid resistance is large, and the inner surface screw groove is used to produce suspended deposition . Therefore, the single-wall pipe are more thin, and the strength requirement is not high and needs to be bent and the small diameter tube such as threading tube, the water pipe, exhaust pipe, etc.

Double wall corrugated pipe: a new pipe with an annular structure outer wall and a smooth inner wall, mainly used in large water supply, water supply, drainage, sewage, exhaust, subway ventilation, mine ventilation, water, subway, mine ventilation, etc. Farmland irrigation, etc. Double wall pipe inner wall color usually has blue and black, and the inner wall of some brands will use yellow

What is corrugated pipe used for?

Corrugated pipes are used where flexibility is an essential factor other than strength and durability, such as in storm drains and culverts. Flexibility makes corrugated pipes more valuable and suitable for various uses compared to rigid and non-corrugated pipes.

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