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PET Pelletizing | JWELL Machinery Recycling PET Bottle Flakes to POY Directly

JWT Series PET Single-screw Pelletizing Machine 

PET Bottle Flakes Recycling & Pelletizing Series 

Material: very clean PET bottle flakes 

Extruder: single screw extruder 

Output: 350-1200kg/h 

Application: rPET granules(PET recycle chips) for POY yarn polyester spinning

PET Bottle Flakes Recycling & Pelletizing Series production units are mainly suitable for PET bottle flakes pellet making. The screw adopts LTM low temperature mixing element, the screw barrel is surface nitrided and hard chrome plated, the main machine is of heat preservation cover structure, and has a coarse filter type measuring head; equipped with booster pump system and vertical type. The cylinder system is double-constrained; the filtration system and the pipeline system are heated by the heat transfer oil to ensure the uniformity of the temperature of the material; the mold adopts the plate hanger type, the inside of the flow channel is formed by the machining center, the processing precision is high, and the material flow rate is uniform. 

PET bottle flakes in the process of recycling has strict requirements on the viscosity and color of the granules, through years of hard search, steady accumulation, our company has developed two kinds of production according to the market for customer option, one is economical, using common way to water cooling strand pelletizing, the other is a high energy-saving, adopt advanced strand cutting in water, simple operation, convenient maintenance 

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