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JWELL POY Spinning Machine

JWELL Machinery PET/PA6 Polyester POY Spinning Machines 

Pre-oriented yarns (POY) are the starting material for a wide range of fashion, sports, functional and home textiles. Following production, POY yarns are textured and – with around 40 percent – make up the lion’s share of the global production of manmade fiber yarns.

This machine is mainly used for spinning 30-330dtex polyester POY.

The principle behind manufacturing a thread is always the same: spinning pumps press the polymer melt through micro-fine spinnerets under extremely high pressure. The filaments created are then bundled into threads, drawn over godets and wound using a winder.

Adopts LTM type pin screw, domestic-made continuous melt CPF, thus

extend the service life of spin packs.

Both top-mounted and bottom-mounted high-pressure rectangular and

cup-shaped spin packs are available.

Unique planetary spinning pump and separately driving finish oil pump.

Evo and cross quench system with equably and stable flowing speed.

Individually controlled, imported inverter and components.

New adjustment GR, imported inverter and components.

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