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Extrusion Application

  • Medical


    The sudden epidemic spread all over the world in 2020, which makes people pay more attention to the medical and health problems.
  • Sustainability


    Degradable plastic refers to a kind of plastic whose products can meet the requirements of use and whose performance remains unchanged during the storage period.
  • Machinery


    The core unit of plastic extrusion production line is an extruder. The core unit of the plastic extrusion line is an extruder. It consists of an extrusion system and a transmission system.
  • Textile


    Cotton feels good, comfortable to use, easy to color, rich in patterns, soft and warm, strong water absorption, washable, and low electrostatic induction.
  • Automobile


    The automobile is one of the most important means of transportation in contemporary people's life, and the application of plastic in the automobile is also relatively extensive.
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