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What Are the Process Characteristics of Medical Tubing Extrusion?

Medical silicone tubing is made of imported silicone rubber materials with a minimum inner diameter of 0.4 millimeters. It has passed biocompatibility testing and has minimal adverse reactions to human tissue. When implanted in the human body, it does not cause a foreign body reaction or inflammation of surrounding tissue. The tubing can be placed in the body for up to 20 days without any abnormal reactions. The life span of silicone tubing specifically designed for peristaltic pumps can be continuous use for more than 175 hours. Therefore, it has been widely used in medical fields.

An understanding of medical extrusion

Medical extrusion refers to the use of medical consumables in medical devices and surgeries. Due to the different locations of lesions and usage functions, there are many types of medical tubing. Generally, medical extrusion (tubing) can be divided into stent balloon tubing, woven reinforced tubing (conveying system), multi-cavity tubing (wires, liquids, gases, etc. can pass through), venous catheter tubing, high-performance material tubing (PTFE, ETFE, FEP, PEEK, etc.). Due to differences in design, there are co-extruded tubes, tapered tubes, tip tubes, pigtail tubes, and other tubes made through various manufacturing processes. Medical-grade extrusion is widely used in medical-grade materials, including Nylon, PC, PP, TPU, PVC, fluoroplastics, PFA, FEP, PTFE, ETFE, PE, HDPE, LDPE, and PEEK. Because of the high requirements of medical extrusion, we must choose professional and reliable extrusion line manufacturers.

The process characteristics of medical tubing extrusion

The process characteristics of medical tubing extrusion in the pipe extrusion line are cold and heat-resistant, weak acid and alkali-resistant, harmless, non-toxic and tasteless, with high transparency and elasticity, strong resistance to ultraviolet rays, good elasticity, knot resistance, softness, arc resistance, corona resistance, chemical stability, physiological inertness, non-toxic and non-irritating to the human body, hydrophobic, breathable, with excellent rebound, and permanent deformation resistance. These characteristics have been widely applied in the human body.

An understanding of pipe extrusion machines

In this era of rapid industrialization, various new equipment and machinery are being applied to engineering construction with diverse types and functions. The pipe extrusion machine has a noticeable speed in working, which can save time and cost. It has strong operational capabilities, convenient and fast operation, can make the extruded products more uniform, and effectively improve the quality and service life of the extruded product. Users can monitor the wear and tear situation at any time, and stop or continue the machine operation accordingly.

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