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Production characteristics of polyester filament yarn

The spinning, stetch and deformation of polyester filament yarn are all carried out on each spindle site. The key to ensuring the quality of the filament is to reduce the difference between the ingots during the processing of the former ingots. With the development of spinning technology, polyester yarn production has the following production characteristics:

Production characteristics of polyester filament yarn

1. High production speed

With the development of polyester spinning production technology, spinning speed is getting higher. Now most of them have reached about 3500m/min. With the improvement of spinning speed, higher requirements have been put forward for process, equipment and operation.

2. Large volume loading capacity

The net weight of coil bobbin increased from 3-4kg to 15kg, and deformed bobbin increased from 1-2kg to 5kg. With the increase of packing capacity, new requirements are put forward for the winding mechanism, the uniformity of bobbin quality, the packing and transportation of bobbin, etc.

3. High quality requirements for raw materials

The quality of polyester raw material is closely related to the spin ability of filament and product quality. In addition to the required section of the intrinsic viscosity, softening point, of quality indicators, diethylene glycol content, ash content and qualified condensed particles, at the same time, the appearance of the slice shape, the presence of carbon black particles, the distribution of relative molecular mass, the influence of moisture content on the spin ability is big, especially the influence of moisture content of the high-speed spinning bigger, slicing the moisture content of no more than 30 to 50 PPM. Requires the quality of raw materials to meet the quality indicators, uniform, and requirements from batch to batch quality stable, consistent.

4. Strict process control

Filament extruder line's production requires very strict technological parameters. For example, the fluctuation of melt temperature is not more than ±1℃, the difference of lateral wind speed is not more than 0.1m/s, and the spinneret is required to shovel the board surface every day. There are also higher requirements for public utilities (such as water, gas and electricity)

5. Implement total quality management

Filament production is a kind of multi-spindle, multi-machine assembly line operation, frequent operation, labor intensive, management work quality and filament quality is very close. In order to ensure product quality, we must implement total quality management of machines such as BCF spinning machine and establish quality assurance system.

6. Inspection, packaging, storage and transportation are required

In order to ensure the quality of filament, the physical indicators of each batch of raw materials shall be checked, the appearance defects of the winding bobbin shall be checked one by one, the dyeing performance of finished silk shall be sampled or inspected completely, and bags of different specifications shall not be mixed in the packaging process. In addition, we should pay attention to the storage and transportation work. The storage should not be exposed to sun and night dew. The stack box should not be too high.

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