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What Is Sheet Extruder?

With the rapid development in recent years and high living standards among the general population, we see a high demand for plastic products that are closely related to our daily lives. This has led to significant growth and breakthroughs in the market for sheet extruder. Therefore, as an important processing equipment, the plastic machinery market has broad prospects for development. What is a sheet extruder and there are still many people who don't understand this issue. So what is a sheet extruder?

What is sheet extruder

Sheet extruder are mainly used for processing various plastic materials (such as PP, PE, PS, PC, PET, PVC, ABS, etc.). The thickness of the finished product is generally between 0.02 and 30mm, and the width can reach more than 3 meters. Various plastic sheets are mainly used for blister food packaging, stationery, and other industries. In fact, its processing performance is very good. Sheet extruder can perform various molding processes in existing general plastic processing equipment while mixing fillers such as calcium carbonate, starch, etc. to obtain low-cost products. The typical sheet extruder consists of a mixing and clamping system, a transmission system, and a heating and cooling system. The kneading system consists of a screw, a barrel, a hopper, a die, and a die group.

Understanding the sheet extruder

As we all know, in fact, most traditional Sheet extruder are controlled by direct current drive or electromagnetic penetration adjustment technology, which is complex to maintain, has low equipment efficiency, low speed accuracy, unreliable product quality, and limits the development of Sheet extruder. With the rapid development of frequency conversion speed regulation technology, Sheet extruder can now achieve a speed range, dynamic response, intelligent control power factor, and work efficiency that cannot be compared with previous speed regulation methods. Jwell machinery also provides this equipment. This equipment also mainly applies frequency conversion speed regulation technology to the plastic sheet extruder platform, which not only enables constant tension control of the extrusion machine but also improves speed accuracy, reduces system costs, and ensures stable system operation.

Sheet extruder mainly consist of a host, a screen changer, a die, a press, a conveyor, a tractor, a cutter, or a winder. The process requirements of the on-site equipment require the synchronization of the three rolls (upper roll, middle roll, and lower roll), and the tension to be maintained constant. Therefore, the control of the three-roll station in this solution is carried out by three machines. Of course, they all require that the speed of the three rolls be synchronized, and the tension be maintained constant. At the same time, the real-time speed of the upper and lower rolls can be changed according to the material's performance.

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