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Blow Moulding Process Promotes Higher Levels of Productivity

The blow moulding process is said to have revolutionized the industrial sector, allowing companies to use it widely to meet consumer demand for plastic products. As you can see, this method of plastic production brings many production advantages, such as fast manufacturing and high volume output, which means that we are able to produce a large number of plastic containers.

1. The blow moulding process can produce a variety of products

Most plastic containers with some kind of liquid on the market today go through this process. In fact, the ubiquity of blow molding allows engineers to experiment and create a variety of applications and designs, resulting in a variety of interesting uses. Products created using this technology include fuel tanks, vehicle seat brackets, flower pots and toy wheels, to name a few.

The blow moulding process allows for a variety of production methods. As already hinted, blow molding uses various methods to create the final product. On the one hand, extrusion blow molding works similarly to traditional glass blow moulding, where material is blown to the end through a long tube, which makes things like light bulbs. As for injection blow moulding, it is used to mass-produce containers where molten polymer is injected into a blow mold rather than being blown through by air. Now, the technology is continuing to evolve to improve this production method, using design tweaks and moving towards pure automation.

2. Low cost of blow moulding process

Focused on extrusion blow molding, lower pressures are used, which means lower mechanical costs, making it easier and more cost-effective to mold external threads or openings and large parts that can be split closed through openings. Also, using the blow moulding process will allow you to reduce labor costs.

3. The blow moulding process promotes productivity

This technology is constantly being developed with the aim of being universally used in the production of plastics. It increases production capacity, enabling manufacturers to produce more products in a short period of time. Using machines that allow 3D molding, it allows for faster production cycles.

It provides the benefits of automation. Now the blow moulding process has been pushed to even greater heights, resulting in the 3D blow moulding process. Basically, this is an automated production method that minimizes flash (excess polymer) around the material, seamless part bonding and increases production speed as it creates precise containers.

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