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Film Extrusion Line

Film extrusion production line is a kind of screw plastic extruder. The working mechanism of plastic film extrusion machine is to fully plasticize the materials by relying on the pressure and shear force generated by screw rotation and evenly mix and shape through the die; Therefore, sometimes one plastic film extrusion machine can complete a series of processes such as mixing, plasticization, and molding at the same time, so as to realize continuous production.

Jwell plastic extrusion china specializes in providing various film extrusions production lines and film extruders for sale, such as POE/EVA photovoltaic adhesive film production line, TPU casting film production line, TPU invisible car clothing production line, etc. As one of professional extrusion line manufacturers, we have premium film extruder for sale and our products from film extrusion line involve various fields such as photovoltaic, automobile, new energy, sports, and fitness equipment, and the products have the advantages of mature technical level, stable equipment use, high output, low energy consumption, fast after-sales and so on.

Types of Film Extrusion Line

  • LFT/CFP/FRP/CFRT Continuous Fiber Reinforced Composite Production Line
    LFT/CFP/FRP/CFRT Continuous Fiber Reinforced Composite Production Line
    The continuous reinforced fiber composite production line developed by jwell company adopts automatic continuous unwinding of multiple groups of spindles, one-step prepreg and drying molding.
  • ASA Film Extrusion Line
    ASA Film Extrusion Line
    ASA film is a film made of polyvinyl chloride, polyethylene, polypropylene, polystyrene, and other resins for packaging and film coating. Plastic packaging and plastic packaging production. Products account for an increasing share in the market, especially composite plastic flexible packaging and surface coating of building materials have been widely used.
  • TPU Film Extrusion Line
    TPU Film Extrusion Line
    TPU film extrusion production line of jwell company adopts high-speed extrusion calendaring and tape casting, with excellent and controllable product quality, product thickness in the range of 0.01-2.0mm and width of 1000-3000mm.
  • EVA/POE Film Extrusion Line
    EVA/POE Film Extrusion Line
    EVA / POE adhesive film production line is used in solar photovoltaic power station, building glass curtain wall, automobile glass, functional shed film, packaging film, hot melt adhesive.
  • PE Breathable Film Extrusion Line
    PE Breathable Film Extrusion Line
    LDPE is low-density polyethylene, also known as high-pressure polyethylene. It has excellent chemical stability, heat sealing, water resistance, and moisture resistance, freezing resistance, and boiling ability. It is commonly used as the inner film of composite flexible packaging materials. At present, it is also the most widely used and most used plastic packaging film.
  • Stretch Film Extrusion Line
    Stretch Film Extrusion Line
    Stretch Film Extrusion Line is a film made of polypropylene resin, such as BOPP and CPP film production lines. The products can be used in food, medicine, chemical industry, and other fields, among which food packaging and other fields are the most widely used.
  • Multilayer Extruder Machine
    Multilayer Extruder Machine
    Due to the increasingly stringent requirements of the market for products, jwell has developed advanced five-layer symmetric and seven-layer asymmetric distribution technology to carry out multi-machine co-extrusion of three machines or five machines according to the customer's requirements for products, so that the products produced by the equipment have better versatility, which is of great help in functionality and cost control.
  • Film Extrusion Die
    Film Extrusion Die
    Jwell company has its own core parts processing workshop. The film mold has a series of products such as high-speed film coating die, film die, biaxial tensile die, narrow seam coating die, and so on.

Highlights of Film Extrusion Line

  • 1
    The plastic film extrusion production line has the following characteristics: the flat plastic film extrusion process is continuous, and its products are also continuous; High production efficiency; Wide application r...
  • 2
    Jwell's plastic film extrusion production line is multifunctional and has high flexibility. There is a multi-layer distribution coextrusion production line, which can mix materials with different ...
  • 3
    The core part of the plastic film extrusion production line of jwell company is independently designed and manufactured. Jwell company has its own processing workshop, which makes different extrusion ...
  • 4
    The plastic film extrusion production line of jwell company can adopt the one-step tape casting compound mode. The production line has the function of high-speed automation to realize the single-sided...

FAQ about Film Extrusion Line

  • In Film cast extrusion, is there any relationship between die width and thickness of the film?

    In the process of film extrusion molding, the width of the film has the most direct relationship with the width of the die. In the process of back molding, the shrinkage of different materials may also have a certain impact on the width of the film, but the most direct factor of the film width depends on the width of the die.

  • What are the applications of Film Extrusion Line?

    Plastic film has a wide range of applications in life. Jwell company routinely has TPU film extrusion line, EVA, Poe, PE, PVB, SGP, and other plastic film extrusion production lines. Its products are used in various fields such as automobile, shoe material, ready-made clothing, inflatable toys, water, and underwater sports equipment, medical equipment, fitness equipment, automobile seat materials, umbrellas, bags, packaging materials, optics, military industry, and so on.

Main Process of Film Extrusion Line

  • The production process of the film extrusion production line is as follows:

    Prepare raw materials - raw materials enter the feeding machine, enter the main machine hopper through the feeding machine - feed by the film extruder, mix through the screw, shear and plasticize - extrude the plasticized materials through the screw, filter impurities through the flow channel, or conduct secondary plasticization through the metering pump - after passing through the flow channel, the plasticized and filtered materials enter the mold for forming - after the mold is formed, the raw materials enter the three roller press, Adjust the thickness and control the width after stretching - press and enter the cooling support for cooling and forming - then pull back by the tractor - the finished product winder rolls up the final finished product after complete cooling.

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