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HDPE Blow Molding Machine

JWELL is one of the leading HDPE blow molding machine manufacturers and blow molding machine suppliers in China. The HDPE blow molding machine, also called HDPE blow moulding machine, is mainly used for processing unsupported parisons. The advantages of HDPE moulding machine are high production efficiency, low equipment costs, wide selection of molds and machinery, and the HDPE molding machine disadvantages are high scrap rate, waste recycling, Poor utilization, the thickness control of the product during hdpe blow molding machine process, and the dispersibility of the raw materials are restricted, and trimming operations must be performed after molding. If you are interested in our hdpe blow molding machine, do contact us for the HDPE blow moulding machine price!

hdpe blow molding machine 1
hdpe blow molding machine 1
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Description about HDPE Blow Molding Machine

Place of originChina
Brand nameJWELL
Model numberHDPE Material
Minimum order quantity5L
Packaging detailsWooden pallet packing
Delivery time90days
Payment termsTT. LC

Specifications of HDPE Blow Molding Machine

HDPE hdpe blow moulding machine Technical Details
Max product volumeL3050100
Dry cyclePc/h600450360
Die head structure Accumulating type
Main screw diametermm8090100
Max plasticizing capacity (PE)kg/h120180190
Driving motorKw374555
Accumulating volumeL5.26.212.8
Oil pump motor powerKw1518.522
Clamping forceKN280400600
Space between platenmm400-900450-1200500-1300
Platen size W*Hmm740*740880*8801020*1000
Max.mould sizemm550*650700*850800*1200
Heating power of die headKw202830
Machine dimension L*W*Hm4.3*2.2*3.55.6*2.4*3.85.5*2.5*4.0
Machine weightT1213.516
Total powerKw95110135
Note: Informations listed above are for reference only, the production line can be designed by customer’s requirements.

HDPE Blow Molding Machine Application

HDPE Blow Molding Machine Application

Hdpe bottle blow molding machine is suitable for producing 15-30L different size Chemical packaing.

jerrycan, 15-100L different size jerrycan,open-top, barrels, and other chemical packaging products.

HDPE Blow Molding Machine Performance and Advantages

  • HDPE plastic blow molding machine manufacturers use Storage head, high-efficiency screw, bottom blowing Structure can be equipped with automatic flash removal, the product is on Line leak detection, weighing, conveying, flash online Conveying system to reduce labor costs, HDPE blow moulding machine price and increase Productivity.

  • Using B&R automation parison programmer, Support multi-task time-sharing operation, automatic High degree of chemistry; 400-point wall thickness control System, ATOS servo valve, parison Accurate thickness control.

  • The mold-moving frame adopts a tie-bar-less structure, which has the characteristics of uniform mold clamping, large clamping force, large modulus, and more convenient mold disassembly and assembly; mold movement, mold opening, and closing are controlled by a servo system and electronic ruler to achieve a gentle slope and silent sports.

HDPE Blow Molding Machine Packing & Shipping

HDPE Blow Molding Machine Manufacturer Shipping
Blow Molding Machine Supplier Shipping
HDPE Moulding Machine Packing
HDPE Molding Machine
HDPE Blow Moulding Machine Packing
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