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ABS Sheet Extrusion Line

The ABS sheet extrusion line of jwell company are mainly as follows:

ABS, HIPS / GPPS refrigerator board

It is mainly used for refrigerator freezer door liner, inner liner, drawer, water tray, water dispenser, etc.

ABS / PMMA composite sanitary ware board

Used for bathroom products such as bathtub, shower room, steam room, and washbasin.

ABS / PC composite luggage board

It is mainly used for various trolley cases, suitcases, leisure bags, and other bags.

ABS, ABS + PC alloy automobile plate

Main uses car roof, instrument panel; Seat backplate, door panel, and window frame; Motorcycle, ATV, scooter, golf cart, etc.

ABS thick plate extrusion line

ABS thick plate is widely used in home appliances, electronics, packaging, medical devices, and other fields.

JWELL Machinery presents a premium ABS sheet extrusion line, delivering superior performance. Renowned for its outstanding mechanical characteristics, including toughness, rigidity, and hardness, ABS exhibits excellent impact strength even at very low temperatures. For more information about ABS sheet extrusion or to discuss your requirements, feel free to get in touch with us today!

abs sheet extrusion line
abs sheet extrusion line
ABS plate production lines
ABS Sheet Extrusion Line working process
ABS Sheet Extrusion Line production process
ABS Sheet Extrusion Line manufacturing process
manufacturing process of abs sheet extrusion

Description About ABS Sheet Extrusion Line

Place of originChina
Brand nameJwell Extrusion Machinery
Model numberJW120/70/60, JW120/60/45, JW160/60
CertificationCE ISO
Minimum order quantity1 set
Packaging detailsWooden pallet packing
Delivery time90days

Specifications of ABS Sheet Extrusion Line

Extruder specificationØ120/38, 70/35, 60/35Ø120/38, 60/35, 45/35Ø160/38, 60/35
Co-extrusion layerA/B/C/B/AA/B/CA/B, A/B/A
Production thickness(mm)2-8MM1-6MM1-6MM
Products Width(mm)2200MM1800MM2200MM
Output (kg/h)600KG/H550KG/H1200KG/H

ABS Sheet Extrusion Line Application

ABS Sheet Extrusion Line Application

ABS plate is a new material in the plate industry. It organically agrees the various properties of PS, San, and BS. It has excellent mechanical properties such as toughness, rigidity, and hardness. Its impact strength is excellent and can be used at very low temperature; ABS has excellent wear resistance, good dimensional stability, and oil resistance. ABS plate has excellent impact strength, good dimensional stability, dyeability, good molding and machining, high mechanical strength, high stiffness, low water absorption, good corrosion resistance, simple connection, non-toxic and tasteless, excellent chemical properties, and electrical insulation properties, Therefore, its application range is also very wide.

ABS plate produced by ABS Sheet Extrusion Line is commonly used in refrigerator freezer door liner, inner liner, drawer, water tray, water dispenser, bathtub, shower room, steam room, washbasin, luggage, automobile board, household appliances, and other fields.

FAQ about ABS Sheet Extrusion Line

How is your production line paid and accepted? +

Jwell company production line, after normal talk into, the customer give you a thirty percent down payment, we will according to contract agreement after receiving down payment required to processing production line, processing inform customers to come to see us face to face after the completion of debugging equipment acceptance, or video or photographs taken according to the requirements of customers, customer acceptance there is no problem, after pay the balance payment to arrange delivery.

How long is the delivery date? +

Jwell's equipment is specially customized according to customer requirements, and in order to ensure the precision of some core components, it will take a lot of time to process, so it takes some time from customization to production of the complete production line. The delivery date of the normal sheet production line is about three months.

How long is the warranty period? +

The normal warranty period of jwell's production line is one year, and jwell as plastic extrusion manufacturers has offices in many places in the world, so the after-sales maintenance is also more convenient. All jwell's production lines provide after-sales service for life.

ABS Sheet Extrusion Line Performance and Advantages

The ABS plate production line of jwell company has the following characteristics:

  • ABS, PS, PMMA, PC, PP, PE single-layer and multi-layer composite plate production lines.

  • Sanitary ware board: it is made of pmma-abs coextrusion composite, which not only retains the surface rigidity and luster of acrylic board but also takes into account the impact resistance of ABS board. It has good forming, high and low-temperature resistance, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, and good machining performance. Used for bathroom products such as bathtub, shower room, steam room, and washbasin.

  • Refrigerator board: it is divided into ABS board, ABS fluorine-free board, ABS antibacterial board, hips board, hips high gloss composite board, and hips anti-141b composite board. It has strong low-temperature toughness, impact resistance, chemical stability, and other good properties. It is mainly used for refrigerator freezer door liner, inner liner, drawer, water tray, water dispenser, etc.

  • ABS automobile (luggage) board: there are leather grain board, matte leather grain board, flame retardant leather grain board, etc. It has good thermoplastic, flame retardant, and high impact resistance. Purpose: car, bus roof, instrument panel; Seat backplate, door plate, window frame, and motorcycle shell; Various trolley cases, suitcases, leisure bags, etc.

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