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JWELL Machinery PVC Pipe Extrusion Line

PVC pipes (divided into PVC-U pipes, PVC-M pipes and PVC-O pipes) Rigid polyvinyl chloride pipes are made of polyvinyl chloride resin, stabilizers, lubricants, etc., and then extruded by hot pressing. The earliest plastic pipe to be developed and applied.

PVC-U pipes have strong corrosion resistance, are easy to bond, are low-priced, and are hard in texture. However, due to the leakage of PVC-U monomer and additives, they are only suitable for water supply systems with a delivery temperature not exceeding 45°C. Plastic pipes are used in applications such as drainage, wastewater, chemicals, heating and cooling fluids, food, ultrapure liquids, slurries, gases, compressed air and vacuum systems.

PVC-O pipe, Chinese name is biaxially oriented polyvinyl chloride, is the latest evolutionary form of PVC pipe. The pipe is manufactured through a special orientation processing process. The PVC-U pipe produced by the extrusion method is axially stretched and radially stretched. By stretching the PVC long-chain molecules in the pipe in a biaxial direction, a new type of PVC pipe with high strength, high toughness, high impact resistance and fatigue resistance is obtained.

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