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PE Breathable Film Extrusion Line

Performance characteristics of jwell's PE breathable film production line:

• the company uses the special screw design for self-made PE breathable film, which has high wear resistance coefficient and better plasticization.

• the longitudinal stretching system has high-precision speed control, pressure control, and temperature control to ensure uniform moisture permeability.

• automatic film piercing system, centralized lubrication system, and deep embossing device.

• adjustable stretching gap.

• quick replacement of flower roller and rubber roller design.

• configure remote diagnosis function to meet customer requirements at the first time.

• high degree of automation, patented design of full-automatic winder, saving labor cost to a greater extent.

PE Breathable Film Production Line
PE Breathable Film Production Line
PE Breathable Film Production Line

Description About PE Breathable Film Production Line

Place of originChina
Brand nameJwell
Model numberJW130  JW160
CertificationCE ISO
Minimum order quantity1 set
Packaging detailsWooden pallet packing
Delivery time120days

Specifications of PE Breathable Film Production Line

SpeciesPE Breathable Film Production LinePE Breathable Film Production Line
Products Width(mm)1600MM2200MM
Output (kg/h)450-600KG/H450-600KG/H

PE Breathable Film Production Line Application

PE Breathable Film Production Line Application

PE breathable membrane, as the name suggests, takes PE as the carrier, adds CaCO3 to form, and after stretching treatment, the breathable membrane has a unique microporous structure. Because of this design, these special structural micropores with high density distributed on the surface of the film can not only block the leakage of liquid, but also let gas molecules such as water vapor pass through. Therefore, they have the function of "air permeability and water impermeability". The finished products of jwell's PE breathable film extrusion line are widely used in.

  • Daily necessities: raincoat, suit coat, eye mask, all kinds of tablecloth, shower cap, shower curtain, water bag, tablecloth, etc

  • Sanitary products: diapers, sanitary napkins, medical surgical clothes, special medical packaging, and food packaging, etc

  • Packaging products: computer, air conditioner, electrical dust cover, car cover, cosmetics flexible packaging, shopping bag, gift bag, folder, and archive bag, etc

  • Fashion packaging: cosmetic bags, high-grade stationery, shoulder hugging saliva, wardrobe, fishing bags, handbags, bags, etc.

PE Breathable Film Production Line Performance and Advantages

JWELL machinery china company PE breathable film production line takes PE breathable colloidum as raw material, adopts extrusion flow-casting method, and makes PE modified breathable particles containing inorganic fillers through melting extrusion, mold forming, and roller high-magnification stretching to make breathable film with sub-nano micropores. Extrusion line with.

• PE breathable film special screw design, high wear resistance, good plasticizing.

• Longitudinal stretching system with high precision speed control, pressure control, temperature control, to ensure uniform permeability and humidity.

• Automatic film penetration system, centralized lubrication system, equipped with deep embossing device.

• Adjustable stretch clearance.

• Rapid replacement of flower roller, rubber roller design.

• Configure the remote diagnosis function to meet customer requirements in the first time.

• Patented automatic winding device, high degree of automation, saving labor costs.

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