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PC Sheet Extrusion Line

Jwell's PC plate production line is mainly divided into the following types:

Application scope of PC endurance board: gardens, exotic decorations in entertainment places and corridors and pavilions in rest places; Interior and exterior decorations of commercial buildings and curtain walls of modern urban buildings; Transparent aviation containers, front windshields of motorcycles, aircraft, trains, ships, automobiles, steamships, submarines and glass military and police shields; Layout of telephone booths, advertising signboards, light boxes, advertising exhibitions; Noise barriers for expressways and urban viaducts.

PMMA plate produced by PMMA Sheet  Extrusion Line(acrylic plate / GPPS plate)

Product classification: ordinary PMMA plate is mainly used for advertising, decoration, decoration, craft products, specimen signs, etc; Electroplating plate is used for vacuum electroplating plastic lens; Lighting light guide plate is used for advertising decoration such as ultra-thin light box, LED flat panel display lamp and poster frame; Liquid crystal light guide plate is used for computer, TV and other liquid crystal display components. The plate extrusion line provided by jwell company can be used to process PMMA or PC diffusion plates.

PMMA  Sheet  Extrusion Line
PMMA  Sheet  Extrusion Line
PC  Sheet  Extrusion Line
PC plate Sheet  Extrusion Line
PC  Sheet  Extrusion Line production process
PMMA  Sheet  Extrusion Line manufacturing process

Description About PC Sheet Extrusion Line

Place of originChina
Brand nameJwell
Model numberJW1120, JW130
CertificationCE ISO
Minimum order quantity1 set
Packaging detailsWooden pallet packing
Delivery time90days

Specifications of PC Sheet Extrusion Line

Production thickness(mm)1.5-101.5-10
Extruder SpecificationØ130/38, Ø45/30Ø120/38
Products Width(mm)22001400
Output (kg/h)1500kg/h450kg/h

PC Sheet Extrusion Line Application

PC Sheet Extrusion Line Application

PC sheet has high strength, elastic coefficient, high impact strength, and wide temperature range; High transparency and free dyeing; Low forming shrinkage and good dimensional stability; Good fatigue resistance; Good weather resistance; Excellent electrical characteristics; It has the advantages of good impact resistance and transparency, no deformation and transparency when washing with hot water and corrosive solution. It is widely used in daily life, especially in industry. 

PC materials can be applied in the following aspects:

1. In the building materials industry, polycarbonate plate has good light transmittance, impact resistance, UV radiation resistance, dimensional stability, and good forming and processing performance, which makes it have obvious technical performance advantages over the inorganic glass traditionally used in the construction industry.

2. Because polycarbonate products can withstand steam, cleaning agent, heating, and high-dose radiation disinfection without yellowing and decline in physical properties, they are widely used in artificial kidney hemodialysis equipment and other medical equipment that need to be operated under transparent and intuitive conditions and need to be disinfected repeatedly.

3. Aviation and aerospace, with the rapid development of aviation and aerospace technology, the requirements for various components in aircraft and spacecraft are increasing, which makes the application of PC in this field increase day by day.

4. In automobile manufacturing industry, polycarbonate has good impact resistance and thermal distortion resistance, good weather resistance, and high hardness. Therefore, it is suitable for the production of various parts of cars and light trucks, mainly focusing on lighting systems, instrument panels, heating panels, defrosters, and bumpers made of polycarbonate alloy.

FAQ about PC Sheet Extrusion Line

Can your production line use more than one machine? +

Due to the similar characteristics of some materials, jwell's sheet production line can produce several products of different materials with one machine. For example, the PC sheet extrusion production line provided by jwell can be used to process PMMA or PC diffusion plate, and jwell's pet sheet extrusion line can be used to produce pet and PLA packaging sheets.

How long is the delivery date? +

Jwell's equipment is specially customized according to customer requirements, and in order to ensure the precision of some core components, it will take a lot of time to process, so it takes some time from customization to production of the complete production line. The delivery date of the normal sheet production line is about three months.

How long is the warranty period? +

The normal warranty period of jwell's production line is one year, and jwell has offices in many places in the world, so the after-sales maintenance is also more convenient. All jwell's production lines provide after-sales service for life.

PC Sheet Extrusion Line Performance and Advantages

  • In order to meet the needs of the market, jwell machinery china company provides users with an optical grade sheet production line with advanced technology and equipment. The special screw and precise metering pump system and die designed according to the rheology of raw materials ensure the uniformity and stability of melt and excellent optical properties of sheet; The precise calendering system guarantees the mechanical and physical properties of the sheet. The screw of PC optical sheet production line adopts special mixing and high plasticizing capacity design to greatly reduce the generation of crystal point. The hanger die adopts special double section design with coarse adjustment and fine adjustment to make the sheet thickness adjustment more accurate. Different types of three roller calenders are selected for plates of different materials to improve the production process.

  • PC sheet produced by PC Sheet Extrusion Line is mainly used in: automotive industry, electronics, electrical industry, LCD and industrial machinery parts, plated mirrors, various signs, printing, film switches, nameplate, and protective mask. It can be used in thick film blister machine for Blister processing, making various PC lampshades, PC signs, protective covers, vending machine panels, daylighting covers, etc.

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