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6 Factors Affecting the Effect of Blow Molding Processing

In the plastic industry, in order to save costs, many companies will consider blow molding to make hollow products. Compared with injection molding, the cost will be greatly reduced, so the blow molding processing method has also been developed rapidly.

Blow molding products are also applicable to a wide range of countries, such as the toy industry, packaging industry, electrical industry and other industries. The position of mold separation (parting line), product slope, product layout, blowing belly ratio, rounded corners, modified appearance and other factors involved in the blow molding process, which is the 6 major factors that mold engineers and blow molding engineers must consider that affect the blow molding processing effect.

1. The position of the parting line

Before opening the mold, the mold engineer needs to carefully consider how to divide the mold, which will affect the mold release of subsequent products and the appearance of the product;

2. Product slope

All surfaces parallel to the moving direction of the mold must have a certain slope, and the slope should make the mold easy to open and easy to take out the product;

3. Check all usage functions

When used as a product, the fewer parts and assembly work the better, because the cost of the product can be reduced. Therefore, we must be cautious when choosing a blow molding machine factory;

4. Inflation ratio

During inflation, pay attention to the areas that cause extremely thin wall thickness geometry, these places may be convex or concave parts and vacuum forming can be assisted when the ratio of width to depth is too large;

5. Radius principle

Avoid sharp edges, corners, sudden changes in surface, sudden changes in product diameter or wall thickness;

6. Other

The location of inserts, vent slots, inlet pins, ejector pin holes, lettering, and labels must be carefully considered.

To sum up, whether it is a small blow molding product or a large blow molding product, the energy and time required before development are indispensable, and the factors that will affect the blow molding processing effect must be carefully considered in order to match the appearance and function of each blow molding product.

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