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Classification of Yarn Spinning Equipment

Yarn spinning equipment is a machine for making fibre-forming polymer solution or melt to filaments. According to different fiber spinning methods, yarn spinning equipment is divided into 3 types of wet spinning equipment, melt spinning equipment, and dry spinning equipment.

Ⅰ. Wet spinning equipment

It is suitable for spinning viscose fiber, acrylic fiber and vinylon fiber. The main feature is that the polymer solution is extruded from the spinneret hole and solidified into primary fibers in the solidification solution tank. The spinning speed is low, which is often below 100 m/min, and the speed of high-speed spinning can reach about 200 m/min. Wet spinning machine is divided into short fiber and long fiber.

1. Short fiber yarn spinning machine: the spinning fluid is introduced from the infusion tube, measured accurately by the metering pump, filtered through the filter into the spinneret, extruded from the spinneret hole into the coagulation bath, after solidification, the primary fibers are collected into bundles through the wire guide plate and then washed or stretched.

2. Long fiber spinning machine: different from short fiber spinning machine, the winding mechanism of solidified filament is added. After washing, the filaments from the coagulation bath pass through the guide wire tray and enter the high-speed rotating centrifugal tank through the reciprocating guide wire funnel.

Ⅱ. Melt spinning equipment

Yarn Spinning equipment for polyester, nylon, polypropylene, etc. It is characterized by the melting trickle solidified into fiber by cold air, which is evenly blown to the trickle by high efficiency filter, control valve and guide device. Spinning speed is high, which is generally 600 ~ 1500 m/min. There are also two types of melt spinning machines.

1. Long fiber spinning machine: the polymer slice enters the screw extruder from the hopper, and then it will be melted and pushed by the screw into the spinning box through a tube. The melt is measured and transported to the spinneret (board) by spinning pump in the box, and the thin flow of the melt extruded from the spinneret meets the cold air in the spinning window and solidifies into fibers. After oiling, the melt is wound on the bobbin by the winding mechanism.

2. Short fiber spinning machine: the cooling and blowing system of ring blowing or ring blowing plus side blowing is adopted in the spinning passageway. There is no separate winding mechanism like the polyester spinning machine for each spinning part. After passing through the guide coil or small rotor, the filament is led to the feeding wheel by the tractor, and then the filament is placed in the bucket.

Ⅲ. Dry spinning equipment

It is used for acrylic fiber and vinylon filament production. The spinning fluid enters the passage by the infusion tube through the filter, the metering pump and the spinneret. The stream formed meets the hot air in the passage, and the solvent volatilizes, so that the polymer solidifies into fiber in the stream, and then the filament bundle is wound into a certain coil. The speed of dry spinning is generally 200 ~ 800 m/min.

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