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JWELL Machinery Color Masterbatch Extruder Pelletizing Line Twin Screw Extruder Compounding Machine

Color masterbatches generally include color masterbatch for fiber, color masterbatch for film, color masterbatch for wire and cable, color masterbatch for injection molding products, functionalized color masterbatch, etc. The color masterbatch is developing in the direction of multi-function, high color content, and high technology.

The use of color masterbatch extruder makes the pigment have better dispersibility in the product, which is beneficial to maintaining the chemical stability of the pigment, ensuring the color stability of the product, protecting the health of the operator, keeping the environment clean, the process is simple, and the color-changing is easy, saving time and raw materials.

The twin-screw extruder is widely used in the production of color masterbatch due to its easy operation, low energy consumption, and simple color changing. Process routes typically include premixed and multi-feeding.

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