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Automatic Blow Molding Machine

JWELL blow molding machine factory has rich experience doing fully automatic blow moulding machine for different industry applications.

1. In recent years, the electric blow molding machine has great advantages in the clean production and energy saving of blow molded products, and automatic blow molding machine's research and development progress are relatively fast.

For professional blow molding equipment manufacturers that require a high degree of cleanliness, electric blow molding units will be one of the first choices.

2. Raw material plasticization, extrusion, mold shifting, mold closing, and blow molding are all driven by high-performance servo motors, completely replacing traditional hydraulic drive technology, energy-saving and environmentally friendly, and fully automatic blow molding equipment and auto deflashing blow moulding machine are excellent equipment for modern industrial production.

3. At present, the general electric hollow molding machine is mainly used in some high-end blow molding product industries and industries that require highly clean production. With the further reduction of automatic blowing machine and fully automatic blow moulding machine equipment manufacturing price and costs, it may be promoted to other blow molding product industries.

4. At present, large and medium-sized (high tonnage clamping force) electric hollow forming units are relatively rare. With the increasing requirements for the clean production of some large and medium-sized plastic barrels, the blow molding machine manufacturer development of large and medium-sized electric hollow molding machines will likely be accelerated. To seize the development time is to seize the market.

JWELL is a professional manufacturer of extrusion blow molding machine, not just for auto deflashing blow moulding machine or other fully automatic blow molding equipment, but also includes double station blow molding machine, HDPE blow molding machine and so on.

If you take interest in fully automatic blow moulding machine price, contact us for jwell fully automatic blow moulding machine price.

automatic blow molding machine 1
automatic blow molding machine 1
automatic blow molding machine 1
automatic blow molding machine 2

Description about Automatic Blow Molding Machine

Item Description
Place of origin China
Brand name JWELL
Model number Electric Blow Molding Machine
Minimum order quantity 520/650/850
Packaging details Wooden pallet packing
Delivery time 90days
Payment terms TT. LC

Specifications of Automatic Blow Molding Machine

 Technical Details
Model JWZ-EBM-520 JWZ-EBM-650 JWZ-EBM-850
Main screw diameter 75/80 80/90 90/100
L/D 25:1 25:1 25:1
Screw speed 25~75r/min 25~75r/min 25~75r/min
Main screw diameter 75/80mm 80/90mm 90/100mm
Max plasticizing capacity  95-115 kg/h 115-140 kg/h 140-180  kg/h
Mould Moving 520mm 650 850
Mould-opening stroke 2x100mm 2x120mm 2x120mm
Clamping force 120kN 240kN 300kN
Max.mould size 400x380mm 550x400mm 750x400mm

Automatic Blow Molding Machine Application

Automatic Blow Molding Machine Application

JWELL machinery china is researching and developing a fully electric Blow molding machine to meet the Food, Medical, Health, and other industries' requirment for the machine and product clean.

Food Industry: Automatic blow molding machines are widely used to manufacture plastic bottles for packaging food and beverages. The extrusion blow molding machine offers a clean and controlled manufacturing process,meeting the stringent hygiene standards required in the food industry.

Pharmaceutical Industry: Automatic blow molding machines play a crucial role in producing pharmaceutical containers for medicines, syrups, and other healthcare products. JWELL's fully automatic blow moulding machine can produce medical-grade plastic containers with precision and purity. This blow molding equipment minimizes the risk of contamination, making it ideal for manufacturing pharmaceutical packaging, medical devices, and other critical healthcare products.

Cosmetics Industry:The automatic blow molding machine is widely used in the cosmetics industry to manufacture plastic containers for various cosmetic products such as lotions, creams, shampoos, conditioners, and perfumes. These auto deflashing blow moulding machines can produce containers with attractive designs, shapes, and sizes, enhancing the visual appeal of the products.

Compare with the traditional Hydraulic type blow molding machine, The fully electric blow molding machine adopts fully servo-driving motor, energy-saving about 30%.No oil-leakage. Fully automatic blow moulding machine has low noise and can keep the workshop.

Automatic Blow Molding Machine Performance and Advantages

Energy consumption

The use of servo motors and servo drives can effectively save energy, and the energy-saving efficiency is generally 50% to 70% (depending on the product).

Cleanliness and noise

All servo motors are used, and there is no noise caused by hydraulic pumps. The decibels are reduced by 10-15dB. There is no oil leakage problem. The workshop is very clean and easy to maintain.


Faster response time, greater efficiency, and control range. Higher and wider, especially suitable for high-speed and large-volume extrusion blow molding machine.

Accuracy and repeatable positioning

fully closed-loop control, high-precision encoder, controllable within 0.02mm, suitable for the production of high-precision products, high repeat positioning accuracy.

Automatic Blow Molding Machine Packing & Shipping

Automatic Blow Molding Machine Packing & Shipping
Automatic Blow Molding Machine Packing & Shipping
Automatic Blow Molding Machine Packing & Shipping
Automatic Blow Molding Machine Packing & Shipping
Automatic Blow Molding Machine Packing & Shipping
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