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JWELL PET flakes POY yarn spinning line

JWELL provides the recycle PET POY polyester yarn spinning machine, make the PET recycle bottle flakes to polyester POY yarn for textile. This waste polyester spinning yarn PET fiber recycling machine is designed and manufactured by JWELL company and is widely used to clean waste polyester fiber and polyester yarn. After crushing, plasticizing, cooling, cutting and collection system, the material will become the perfect particle that can be reused.

Over the years, JWELL has accumulated experience and technical know-how in polyester yarn making machines. The polyester spinning system is developed based on comprehensive engineering expertise and technology, and can be configured with the best system to adapt to various spinning conditions of new materials such as pet, PA, microfilament, paint dyed yarn, high modulus and low shrinkage yarn (HMLS / LS) to PTT, PLA and so on.

JWELL can produce suitable systems according to the specific needs of customers, from spinning to POY / FDY / Hoy and other drawing processes and multi drawing processes, as well as coiling and winding machines with affordable polyester yarn making machine price.

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