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JWELL POY Spinning Machine

This video shows the JWELL POY spinning machine packing & shipping. Jwell POY spinning machine is specially customized according to customer requirements, and in order to ensure the precision of some core components, it will take a lot of time to process, so it takes some time from customization to production of the complete POY spinning machine. 

Jwell POY spinning machine uses POY as the original yarn and makes stretch textured yarn (DTY) by stretching and false twisting. During the poy yarn process, it usually has a certain elasticity and contraction force. POY chemical fiber is widely used in the manufacture of clothing and industrial products. Flame retardant polyester is widely used because of its flame retardancy. In addition to playing an irreplaceable role in industrial textiles, building interiors and vehicle interiors, it also plays many roles in the field of protective clothing. In addition to pure flame retardant polyester, it can also produce multi-functional series products such as flame retardant, waterproof, oil repellent and anti-static according to the special requirements of users.

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