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Introduction of Yarn Spinning Machine

1. Four functional areas of yarn spinning machine

① Polymer melting device: screw extruder.

② Melt conveying, distribution, spinning and thermal insulation device: elbow, spinning box (melt distribution pipe, metering pump, spinning head assembly).

③ Filament device: spinning window and sleeve of spinning machine.

④ Wire collection device: wire oiling mechanism, wire guide structure, winding machine or wire collecting device.

2. Melting device of yarn spinning machine

(1) Functions: supply of solid materials, polymer melting and quantitative extrusion of melt.

(2) Screw three sections: feeding section, compression section and metering section of yarn making machine.

(3) Working principle of screw extruder: that is, the partition of screw and the movement of materials in each zone of screw.

① Screw of equal depth in feed zone (curing zone).

② The jacketed coil or the inner core of screw in the front half (area) is filled with water, which is less than 100 ℃ to prevent the material of the spinning machine from melting prematurely and ring material is to protect the screw transmission mechanism from heating.

③ The second half (preheating zone) prevents sudden changes in the temperature of the material from the feed zone to the compression zone.

④ The compression zone (melting zone) changes gradually or suddenly, and the screw melts the material (heating and shearing) and compresses (the screw groove volume becomes smaller); Return air or water vapor to the feed area of the yarn spinning machine.

⑤ Shallow screw in metering area (homogenization area).

3. Melt conveying, distribution, spinning and thermal insulation device of yarn spinning machine

(1) Elbow: melt conveying pipe from screw extruder to spinning box (one end is connected with screw outlet and the other end is connected with spinning machine melt distribution pipe) - heating of biphenyl-diphenyl ether mixture in jacket (melt insulation).

(2) Spinning box: melt distribution pipe of spinning machine such as in partially oriented yarn manufacturing process, biphenyl heating box, spinning pump and its transmission device, spinning head assembly.

① Principle of melt distribution pipe

② Ensure that the distance between the melt and each spinning position is the same, and the residence time of the melt in the distribution pipe is short; Turn back less.

③ The form of melt distribution pipe is branch type and radial type.

(3) Heating of yarn spinning machine (biphenyl heating box)

① Function: heat preservation and heating of melt distribution pipe, metering pump and spinning head assembly.

② Method: the biphenyl-diphenyl ether heat carrier (biphenyl/diphenyl ether - 26.5% / 73.5%) is heated with an electric heating rod.

③ Thermal insulation: 80 ~ 100mm thermal insulation layer filled with ultra-fine glass fiber or other thermal insulation materials.

(4) Metering pump: high temperature gear pump of yarn spinning machine.

(5) Spinning head assembly

① Function: filter the melt, prevent blocking the spinneret hole, fully mix the melt, reduce the melt viscosity difference, evenly disperse the melt into each small hole of the spinneret hole, and form a melt trickle.

② Structure: spinneret + melt distribution plate + melt filter material + assembly sleeve.

4. Filament device of yarn spinning machine

(1). Yarn spinning window: for example, the polyester spinning filament is only subject to directional, quantitative and qualitative air flow in the process, the rate is uniform, and the fiber solidification position is fixed (not affected by the surrounding air flow).

(2). Slow cooling chamber: two front and rear insert plates are set at the lower part to separate it from the yarn spinning drum, and a locking device is set at the upper part to form a slow cooling area under the spinneret of the spinning machine; 30~200mm long; Prevent wind blowing to cool the spinneret surface, reduce the birefringence of winding wire and improve the tensile property.

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